Fox Sports college football analyst Joel Klatt blasted the NCAA on The Damon Amendolara Show on Thursday, calling it the worst organization in America.

“I am first of all just appalled at the NCAA and their behavior over the course of the last three or four years,” Klatt said, “and you can probably go back even longer than that.”

The NCAA announced Tuesday that it will gradually reinstate football scholarships at Penn State that had been previously taken away as part of the punishment for the child sex-abuse scandal involving Jerry Sandusky. Five additional scholarships will be restored at Penn State in 2014-15 and will gradually increase in the coming years. The Nittany Lions will have a full slate of 85 total football scholarships in 2016-17.

“I think it sets a very poor precedent because in every case the NCAA is slow and cumbersome, and they react much later than all these violations take place,” Klatt said. “And with the speed at which not only players and coaches move around in college football and graduate, you’re always punishing people that aren’t there. So I don’t understand the precedent that they’re trying to set with Penn State. Are they telling us they were overzealous in their punishment and (are) now back-tracking on that? Or are they telling us moving forward that anyone who shows good behavior – quote-unquote – to the NCAA can get their rulings cut down?”

The original sanctions against Penn State included an annual reduction of scholarships, a four-year bowl ban, a $60 million fine and the vacation of 111 wins from 1998 to 2011.

USC coach Lane Kiffin posted a congratulatory tweet to Bill O’Brien and Penn State, perhaps taking a shot at the NCAA. The Trojans are still recovering from sanctions stemming from Reggie Bush’s violations in the mid-2000s.

“I thought Lane Kiffin’s tweet, however sarcastic, was good,” Klatt sad. “Why didn’t USC get anything lifted? Why is it a feel-good story now at Penn State?”

Miami, meanwhile, is still waiting for word on its punishment – what it will be, or if there will even be one – for the benefits its players received from Nevin Shapiro.

The Miami allegations came to light months before Sandusky made national headlines.

“One of the things that I’m looking for is what’s going to happen to Miami?” Klatt asked. “Why hasn’t Miami been given any punishment yet or been told no punishment is coming? So you’re telling me Penn State can get ruled on once and then a second time before Miami can get any word? I mean, it’s appalling. The NCAA is by far the worst organization in our country.”

Klatt believes the major conferences will one day break from the NCAA and govern themselves.

“(The NCAA is) completely in over their heads,” he said. “It’s not a good model. You can’t govern USC and Penn State the same way that you govern Albany. It’s just not possible. It’s got to change.”


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