High-octane offenses, great location, awesome college town and rich tradition. There are many factors that make the University of Oregon an attractive destination for college football recruits.

But there’s also something else: the uniforms.

Bright and elaborate, the Ducks have one of the most recognizable uniforms in the country – and it just might be playing a role in the program’s success.

“With Oregon, they’re so cutting edge with their uniforms that, for me, I aways enjoyed the unveiling of the new uniforms,” CBS Sports Network analyst and former Ducks cheerleader Amanda Pflugrad said on The Damon Amendolara Show. “One, it’s a great recruiting tool, and I feel like the university has come such a long way with branding themselves.”

Asked if there was ever a uniform she didn’t like, Pflugrad said no.

“There wasn’t a uniform combo that I didn’t like just because being a former Oregon cheerleader, we had to match the players,” she said, “so I can’t really say anything negative about that.”

Oregon also offers incredible facilities.

“Everything they offered the students – the Mac computers, the hardwood floors – it was unbelievable,” Pflugrad said. “I wanted to stay in school longer just because of that.”

Pflugrad, who graduated in 2010, was named Sports Illustrated Cheerleader of the Week as a junior. She’s been around a football field as long as she can remember, as her father, Robin, has coached at Montana and Weber State, among other schools.

“I would definitely say my dad being a football coach really influenced me,” Pflugrad said. “I grew up around the game, and I grew up around the players. It’s been my life since I was born, and to be away from the football field would be really unnatural for me. There’s so much excitement on game day. I feel really blessed and really happy that I pursued sports reporting and have gotten into the sports industry.”

Pflugrad appeared on The DA Show as part of this week’s Valentine’s Day theme in which Amendolara is interviewing women in media.

Pflugrad was asked for the perfect Valentine’s night in Eugene.

“Let’s see,” Pflugrad said. “Eugene obviously is a college town, but I would say maybe dinner at Oregon Electric Station. It’s one of the nicest restaurants there. I used to work there as a hostess, too, so I have to show it some love. But they have great food. My dad would always take recruits there. It’s a great atmosphere, too. (You can) kind of get that fun, romantic vibe for Valentine’s Day.”


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