All last summer we took calls on our show about the deal John Wall got from the Washington Wizards and how it was a bad idea by the Wiz. How are ya’ll feeling about that now? The Wizards took a 2-0 lead on the Chicago Bulls last night, both of those wins by the way, came on the road in Chicago. John Wall hasn’t exactly lived up to the hype of a #1 overall pick, but he is doing it when it counts… in the playoffs. Randy Wittman told his team after Game 1 to go out there and “be greedy.” You have to love/respect that attitude from Wittman. Most coaches in his position would be content going back home with a 1-1 split on the road, but not Randy, he wants his team to go out there and shock the Bulls in Game 2. With the duo of Wall and Bradley Beal in the backcourt, if things keep progressing as they have, fans in D.C. could be looking at a bright future with the Wizards (something they never thought they would hear). This morning’s Cold Open.

Champ or Chump. This morning’s Champ is the Indiana Pacers, who finally got off the snide and blew out the inferior Atlanta Hawks in Game 2 last night. As DA has talked about at length on the show, the Pacers have been tripping over themselves for the past month and change, staying the course and doing so in Game 1. Well a report surfaced last night on Yahoo! Sports that Evan Turner and Lance Stephenson came to blows at practice on the eve of Game 1, where they had to be separated and restrained by fellow teammates. Maybe that was the juice this team needed to get back in the swing of things? What’s the old adage, if you’re going to win as a team you’re going to lose as a team? Or something like that. Whatever it was, it seemed to have finally set in for the Pacers. The Chump this morning goes to the Buffalo Bills web department. A story was posted on the team’s site last night that head coach Doug Marrone has [Blank} Cancer. They quickly took the story down for obvious reasons, most of which being that they had not written a complete story on it. I mean, have you heard of preview or draft before, people? Goodness, especially with a story with that type of headline, cross all of your t’s and dot all of  your i’s before hitting publish. This morning’s Chump.

Albert Pujols hit his 499th and 500th home runs last night down in D.C. Does anyone really care or even notice at this point? Are we so desensitized to HRs in the MLB because of the steroid era? Now, to be clear, Pujols’ name has never been directly connected to steroids. But there seems to always be whispers surrounding the slugger. DA goes through the list of players that Pujols joined who have reached the 500-home run plateau. Some of those names will definitely surprise you, and some of the names you’ll just laugh at because of their known steroid use during their career.

Speaking of steroid use, this morning’s Epic Fail is Stanley in Sacramento who wanted to try to bury DA for his criticisms of Barry Bonds. Stanley was clearly a Bonds apologist and wanted to hear nothing on the fact that Bonds admitted to using the “cream and the clear,” but says he was unaware that it was a performance-enhancing drug. The ferocity in which Stanley came at DA caught most of us off-guard to be completely frank. I mean he told DA to jump out of the Mothership (basically insinuating to go walk off a short ledge). Calm down, Stanley, and learn how to have an adult conversation. This morning’s Epic Fail.


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