Most people had left the Indiana Pacers for dead before the playoffs began. Then after their lost one game to the Atlanta Hawks, they said they might get swept. And when the Wizards gave the Pacers a series, it was “well it doesn’t matter they cannot beat the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals.” Oh well, now that the Indiana Pacers have a 1-0 lead on the Miami Heat in the ECF, will anyone change their tune or continue to bury them? Yes, the Pacers are not a perfect squad, they have their faults like everyone else but can we start to give them some credit for battling all playoffs long and are taking advantage of their home-court advantage which they were striving for all season long? DA is staying strong in his stance that though the Pacers have taken Game 1, the Heat will put it together and lift themselves to the Finals. This morning’s Cold Open.

The Mraz crying about the Ryan Callahan trade is something we are all well versed in at this stage in the game. And we are also all too familiar with his initial thoughts on Marty St. Louis. But oh how the tides have turned now that Marty is playing out of his skull and has the Rangers up 1-0 in the ECF. This jamoke went out and purchased then proceeded to wear a St. Louis shirsey. I get that you support your team through and through, BUT to be so critical of the Rangers organization but now act like those conversations never actually happened? Just one of the many reasons I cannot stand working next to Mraz on a nightly basis. Stand by your points and admit that you were wrong, instead of pretending that it was all a mirage.

We drop Market Watch into the podcast this week, major props to 590 The Fan in Toronto, the first Canadian market to crack into the top 3. The age-old battle for top spot on The DA Show market watch comes down to the DFW 105.3 The Fan and 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston. Also, there was an incident at a Texas Rangers game where a bat flew into the stands and a fan was nearly choked out MMA style because of it. I never understood the fascination of going to war over a bat/ball that you could go pick up at your local sporting goods store for a price. If it is a home run ball, or something significant okay I can rationalize it. but for your run of the mill foul ball? Get a life.

This morning’s Epic Fail is Tom in Maryland. Tommyboy was in a bit of a mix-up over the weekend during the Preakness Stakes at a bar. Tell me if you’ve heard this before: beer muscles come out after a few pops and two grown adults nearly get into an altercation because the testosterone was running too high. But the real reason for Tom’s failure, he wanted to know if this altercation occurred because of the other assailant having “too much swag.” Ah yes, DA is back from vacation and the weirdo callers have come out of hiding. This morning’s Epic Fail.


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