They say a playoff series doesn’t really start until a road team wins. Well, the Eastern Conference Finals is officially open for business after the Miami Heat’s 87-83 win over the Indiana Pacers. For the Heat, their two best players one of whom just happens to be the best player in the world, completely took over the game. LeBron James and Dwayne Wade combined to score more points in the 4th quarter than the entire Pacers team. That is the type of performance you are looking for out of your stars. DA believes that a Game 2 win was of the utmost importance to the Pacers, because this is what they battled all year for: home-court advantage. But the home team looked gassed for most of the 4th quarter, including Paul George who only dropped in 14 points, one would assume because of his responsibility for guarding LBJ every time he was on the court. Frank Vogel even said in his post-game presser that their plan was that every time LeBron was on the court, George would be out there playing D on him. It’s time to go back to the drawing board, Frank, because that plan clearly did not work. Also, where was Roy Hibbert? This morning’s Cold Open.

Ray Rice has been the center of controversy since the story broke about him allegedly upper-cutting his then fiancé, now wife, at a hotel/casino in Atlantic City. Video surfaced of Rice dragging his fiancé out of the elevator in route back to their hotel room. Infer from the video what you will, but a trial will not happen for Ray — great news for Ravens fans, though it could be an indictment of the legal system. DA believes that if the actual video of him hitting his wife surfaced, it could have been the single worst PR situation to happen for a league. Instead, Ray will enter a pretrial intervention program that basically ensures no jail time. All is not well though for Rice and his season with the Ravens, because one would assume that though this did not make it to trial, Roger Goodell will certainly hand down some sort of suspension.

DA took in the New York Mets vs Los Angeles Dodgers game at Citi Field last night. A beautiful night in NYC for those of you who aren’t in the area, couldn’t ask for much better weather to be at the ballpark. But the game itself was a bit of an issue for DA. For a nine-inning game without much flare, the game took four hours and eight minutes. Who the hell would want to sit through a mid-season four-hour game? DA got to the ballpark around 7pm EST and didn’t leave until after 11pm EST. This sent DA off on an absolute rant.

This morning’s Epic Fail is all about hypotheticals, courtesy of Derek in Texas. What if the Spurs and Heat played a three-on-three exhibition game but played with the intensity of a NBA Finals Game 7? What? You don’t want to know what is going through the mind of a person who presents these types of hypotheticals to the public. This morning’s Epic Fail.


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