Well, we thought we would be getting some entertaining Conference Finals in both the East and the West, but with Paul George’s status uncertain for Game 3 and the beatdowns the Spurs have delivered in the first two games vs the Thunder, it could be a wham bam thank you ma’am couple of series. Last night the old, boring Spurs took the Thunder behind the woodshed and beat them like they stole something. You would think after surrendering 66 points in the paint in Game 1, Scott Brooks and his staff would have concocted a way to slow down the Spurs aging offense. Au contraire. The Spurs had their way once again and are looking like a formidable foe for the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. OKC better do something and fast if they don’t want to get swept out of the playoffs. This morning’s Cold Open.

It’s been over two months since Jim Irsay’s public shaming in his DUI arrest, being caught with a couple FAT stacks of cash and other allegations and insinuations that are not of the ideal PR scenarios. Ryan Clark took to the public forum yesterday to chastise Roger Goodell for not acting swiftly in punishing Irsay for his public missteps. He also questioned Goodell having Irsay parading around at the Super Bowl bids petitioning for Indianapolis to receive the bid.

As we have discussed at length here on the show, we are some weird birds that keep some weird hours and enjoy our freakish company. So when we lose a soldier to a shift change, family commitments, etc we all die a little bit on the inside. But tonight DA received an outstanding letter from a listener Damion, who can no longer listen to the show live, but wanted to reach out to DA to show his appreciation for the show in a way only a Mothership listener could.

The Epic Fail this morning is bottom of the barrel. Paul in Maryland gave DA a ring and wanted to belt out a song that he wrote specifically for Mraz and his wedding. It may have been the most atrocious melody we had on our air ever. Obviously Paul gets an A for major effort, but the execution definitely left something to be desired. Something tells me that you will be hearing this sprinkled in throughout the show for a long while, and is a strong 12 DA’s candidate. This morning’s Epic Fail.


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