Yesterday morning DA spent a portion of the show, including his Cold Open, discussing Dan Marino’s attaching himself to the most recent lawsuit against the NFL for concussion-related traumas. Well apparently things got a little mixed up in Marino’s camp, because later in the day yesterday the wheels were in motion to remove his name from said lawsuit. Dan chalked it up to a miscommunication between himself and some of the lawyers. DA talks about his time in South Florida, where Marino is a prominent business figure, and how he doesn’t fully grasp the miscommunication that could have occurred because of Dan’s savvy business acumen. Was he possibly pressured or persuaded by the NFL to remove his name from the lawsuit? There are rumors floating around that he is close to joining the Miami Dolphins organization in a front office capacity, and the NFL wouldn’t want someone in one of their organizations involved in a lawsuit worth hundreds of millions (possibly billions) against them. DA also points out how we were told there was video of something occurring between Ray Rice and his fiancé in the elevator at a casino in Atlantic City, but then that went away and the charges were brought down to a misdemeanor. The NFL’s reach is long and strong. This morning’s WaterCooler.

A Dutch fellow residing in California has taken on one of the coolest road trips one could dream up. Grant Wahl (premiere Soccer writer in the US) profiled a man who was driving from his home in Cali all the way down to Rio de Janeiro to cheer on his Netherlands in this summer’s World Cup. Oh, and he is doing all this sans GPS and with a good ole fashion AAA map. Imagine getting lost in the mountains of Mexico, unable to communicate and having no idea where you are? But Wahl writes how he has encountered the friendliest of people on his journey, so much so that they have invited him into their homes to break bread. Personally, I have always wanted to travel to the World Cup, but now I only want to go to the WC if I can drive my 1955 Chevy for weeks on end until I arrive.

James Dolan is the owner of both the New York Knicks and Rangers. One team is looking to achieve the ultimate goal, something that has not happened in over 20 years. While the other is off fist pumping to EDC at Metlife or golfing. The Rangers are on the cusp of becoming the toast of Broadway, so Dolan naturally went on the city’s most popular radio program, Mike Francesa on WFAN. Dolan majored in Communications during his university studies, and even ran a radio station, so you would figure he would be well-versed and able to communicate well in the media. Eh, not so much. DA spliced together Dolan fumbling and bumbling all over his words. A lot of nonsense.

This morning’s Epic Fail comes via a suburb of my beloved Philadelphia, Chester, PA. Lenny reached out to us on a whim because he was hanging at his mom’s house and was “waiting for tomorrow to come.” Aren’t we all Lenny, aren’t we all. Lenny was interesting because he apparently has zero interest in sports, but yet stumbled upon a sports talk radio show and wanted to call up to chitchat. He was so clueless that he asked DA how the LA Lakers were doing. Oh, poor Lenny. This morning’s Epic Fail.




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