The NBA season is over. The NHL season is over. The NFL is still weeks away from opening camp. What the hell are we going to lead with? The Kansas City Royals of course. The Royals, after their ninth straight win last night, are currently occupying the top spot in the AL Central. This is the latest the Royals have been atop of the division in 30+ years. To put that in perspective, for someone like me who is 26 years old, I have never witnessed the Royals as a legit contender and basically know them as being the bottom dwellers in baseball. DA brings up a great point on how Bud Selig deserves kudos for what has happened with the “small market” baseball teams, like the Royals who are now competitive. Think about last year with the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Cleveland Indians who were captivated their respective cities for the summer. This morning’s WaterCooler. Also, during this segment our guy Rashad in Clearwater drops a little rhyme paying homage to Mraz. Trust me, it is well worth listening to. Fantastic.

Carmelo Anthony will be on the move this summer, according to most reports. Where will he land will be the hotly debated item for the coming weeks. The rumors are swirling about him joining some of the elite down in South Beach to make the most ridiculous of super teams. But who cares about that, there are two key subjects touched upon in this segment: DA’s cheeseball soccer picture he took at the media game at the NY Red Bulls stadium before the USA vs. Ghana watch party, and then Dan in Boston called up and felt compelled by Rashad’s rap genius to unveil his lyrical exploits on the show. Dan was FANTASTIC…lyrically. He left something to be desired on the rap itself, but the actual lyrics of the song blew everyone away. The Dan in Boston & Rashad in Clearwater raps will be played again, very soon, I can promise you that.

The Texas Rangers stadium, Globe Life Park, has become the mecca for Mraz. The food that they recently unveiled will induce a heart attack upon reading. Mraz could barely catch his breath on air he was so flustered after DA rattled off the garbage that they are serving up down there now. This of course calls for DA and myself to rail on him for being just a fat slob.

The Epic Fail this morning is a special one for all the LeBron James haters. Michael in Dallas is staunch in his hate of LeBron. Just don’t ask him why. Michael hemmed and hawed over why he hated LBJ for what seemed like minutes on end, and in the end had no clear reason for his disdain towards LeBron. This is the typical LeBron hater. This morning’s Epic Fail.



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