DA’s champ could be nobody else but Clayton Kershaw. The fact he had just three outs leave the infield is incredible. It really should have been a perfect game if not for Hanley Ramirez. Kershaw threw one of the greatest games you will ever see. The chump is another obvious one today, Spain. The defending World Cup Champion is eliminated just two games in. They became the first ever defending champion to lose each of its first two matches.

The Watercooler starts with the dominant performance by Clayton Kershaw on Wednesday night. This was the most brilliant performance of Kershaw’s career. It took him only 107 pitches to throw this no hitter, and struck out a career high 15. He even only allowed three fly balls to the outfield. It doesn’t get much more spectacular than that. This game in a way justifies why the Dodgers gave him such a big contract. Oh, and don’t look now Giants fans, the Dodgers are closing the gap in the NL West.

Howard Beck joined the show earlier and discussed NBA Free Agency. In particular he brings up how you can’t necessarily over pay a star because you will get yourself in trouble with no cap flexibility. DA discusses how this is exactly what has happened to the Heat.

There is brewing controversy aboard the Mothership. Our World Cup in 90 segment has been compromised as we are no longer allowed to use real play by play from the event on the show. DA has a few interesting ideas on how we can hear great goal calls. Where could the Mothership find play by play of a call that we can use? Promote from within! DA has Mraz take a crack at it. What ensued was some sort of bad accent that nobody will have any idea where it came from.

On Wednesday morning’s show the last hour was full of rapping Mothership passengers. They both brought the noise, it was very 8 mile-esque. Well on today’s show we had to bring the raps back and play them against each other. B Rabbit would be proud. It’s your epic fail.


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