The NBA draft is just days away, which is weird to think about considering how recently the NBA Finals just ended. Regardless, yesterday’s news came down that presumed #1 overall pick Joel Embiid broke his foot and will be unable to participate in workouts and will not be attending the draft itself as well. For a guy who had lower back issues late in the season for Kansas, this is news that will most likely cost him that top selection in Thursday’s draft. The lower back problems may have been something that some GM’s could have gotten past, because of Embiid’s high upside, but unfortunately for him this will likely be his demise in terms of draft position. This morning’s WaterCooler.

Since the NBA Finals have ended, the main talking point has been what will happen to the Miami Heat. Their “Big 3” can all opt out at the end of this month and decide if they’d like to take their talents elsewhere, or if they want to take less money and bring in another star. The problem with the Heat roster is that outside of LeBron James, there really isn’t that much depth. Dwayne Wade is fading fast, Chris Bosh is so hit or miss and that about sums up the Heat’s depth. Pat Riley had some interesting quotes in his end-of-the-season exit presser yesterday and DA highlights some of the finer points.

As per every Friday, it is a Target Demo Friday. Because we keep such odd hours here on the Mothership, D.A. wants to know where you are and what you are doing. As I reiterate most weeks, this is one of our favorite segments on the show, we get to play some extended Parliament Funk along with some Mac Miller (a lot of good tuneage happening at 5:40 on Fridays).

The Epic Fail this morning is not really a fail, but more so the fact that we just wanted to replay this epic call. We have had a string of relationship centered calls recently, I guess we double as a “Dear Abby” for some of the listeners. Anyways, Jason in Fort Worth called us to inform the show that we actually served as a connection between him and a female co-worker and it actually sparked a date. Listen, we do what we can to help everybody out on the Mothership. Mothership listeners need loving too. This morning’s Epic Fail.

Be good and be good to one another.

The Mothership disconnects.



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