The NBA draft is now just two days away, and the rumors swirling about on who will end up where and with whom are a little too much too handle. Jabari Parker had a workout with the Cleveland Cavaliers recently, and it is being reported that he “tanked” his workout because he does not want to be drafted #1 overall by the Cavs. Instead, Parker would rather end up in Milwaukee with the Bucks. What would be the reasoning, if true, behind this desire of Parker’s? The Cavs are a team on the rise, per say and are much farther along than the Bucks. The Philadelphia 76ers had a 26 game losing streak last season, and still were not the worst team in the NBA, that title was held by the aforementioned Bucks. With Joel Embiid almost assuredly not being the #1 overall pick, it has come down to Parker and Andrew Wiggins. This morning’s WaterCooler.

Since “The Decision” there has almost been talk that LeBron would one day end up back in Cleveland and restore greatness to that city he so famously left to go to South Beach. Well now that the Heat’s season is over, and there are many question marks about contract heading into the summer, LBJ’s wife purposely or on accident stirred the pot with a thick spoon yesterday when she put up an instagram of the state of Ohio, with Akron and a star next to it. This of course sent social media into epic meltdown mode. Does this mean LeBron is opt’ing out and going back home? Well, most likely not. It is more likely that they James’ are heading back to Ohio to visit family and friends for vacation. So everyone take a deep breath and relax.

Hope Solo has made her mark both on and off the soccer pitch. She helped the USA women to become one of the more dominant teams in the world soccer landscape, and then had all the guys looking when she was on Dancing With The Stars. She also married notorious trouble maker Jeremy Stevens (former NFLer). But there was a story of all stories that came out two day ago, and more details emerged yesterday. An incident involving Hope, her nephew and her sister. A BB gun, booze, a stick and plenty of language that I surely cannot type up on here without being fired, and possibly sentenced to jail time.

The Epic Fail this morning is a trio of myself, Mraz and Schwartzo’s goal calls from the World Cup. We have been disallowed to use any form of WC play-by-play, so the resourceful bunch we are, decided we would do the call ourselves. Let’s just say that Fox is not knocking down our doors to do the color commentary with Gus Johnson for the 2018 World Cup. This morning’s Epic Fail.


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