In the dead of summer, where we normally just have baseball to watch every night, there were a couple of big sporting events that took place on the same freaking day. Can we get it spread out? The NBA Draft was probably one of the better drafts, at least lottery wise, we have had in a few years. The story lines with the Cavaliers getting the first pick in the draft for the 2nd straight year being tops on that list. With Joel Embiid suffering the foot injury, and then getting the required surgery, the Cavs decided to go with Canadian sensation Andrew Wiggins as the pick to help with the rebuild of their franchise. He has the highest ceiling of any player in the draft hands down, and could be the guy to help keep Kyrie Iriving, and possibly bring in some free agents. As DA talks about, the Cavs needed the guy to tie all of their pieces together, and they hope Wiggins is the man for the job. This morning’s Cold Open.

As you know, we have been farming out our World Cup play-by-play calls because we were told we cannot play any sort of professional call. Which has been a blessing in disguise because we’ve learned who has talent here at the Network, and whose pbp careers are not long for this world. This morning we went to one of DA’s normal fill-ins, John Jastremski, steps into the cage and takes a few rips. If you’ve listened to the show, you know JJ is born and raised Staten Island and he is dripping that THICK NYC accent all over the call. World Cup in 90, one of our favorite segments on the show.

As per every Friday, it is a Target Demo Friday. Because we keep such odd hours here on the Mothership, D.A. wants to know where you are and what you are doing. As I reiterate most weeks, this is one of our favorite segments on the show, we get to play some extended Parliament Funk along with some Mac Miller (a lot of good tuneage happening at 5:40 on Fridays).

Robot Voice Guy is a staple for our show. A guy who pretends to be a robot, calling up to breakdown sports. Is there anything that defines the Mothership more? Well RVG had a Wizard of Oz moment yesterday and let everyone behind the curtain. RVG is Brandon in LA. Brandon in LA is RVG. Well Brandon dropped a news nugget on the show this morning, talking about how his best friend is the one who hosted Robert De Niro yesterday to watch the USA v Germany match in Brooklyn. To be honest, it was one of the funniest calls we’ve had in a long time. “And that’s Bobby De Niro”. This morning’s Epic Fail.

Be good and be good to one another. Enjoy your weekend.

The Mothership disconnects.


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