DA filled in for Jim Rome this past Friday and Marc Spears joined the show to discuss NBA free agency. There are some big fish out there that everyone covets, like LeBron, Melo, Bosh, etc. But Spears believes the biggest key this off-season could be where Pau Gasol signs. An interesting take from Spears considering the powerful names that are in the free agency pool this summer.

NBA free agency has turned media members on one another. Will Leitch, founder of Deadspin and now writer for Sports on Earth, absolutely buried Chris Broussard for his “reporting” on the LeBron James free agency watch ’14. Broussard had a tweet the other day referencing a “gut feeling” and “which way the wind blows.” Nice Chris, way to put that hard earned journalism degree to good use.

Champ or Chump. The city of Cleveland is relevant nationally, and has been for a good while. First they were able to draft Johnny Manziel in this year’s draft, then the whole LeBron free agency ’14 watch and finally Josh Gordon’s inability to stay out of trouble. If you’re a Cleveland sports fan, you have to be pretty damn pleased with everyone talking about what is happening in the world of the 330. Jay Williams is the Chump this morning because of a tweet he sent out last night. Said tweet had a picture of himself and Justin Bieber on some sort of private jet. Williams’ talks about how he “believes” that Bieber is changing lives. Excuse me while I get a barf bag.

Rick in Atlanta has a sort of mild obsession with DA and his take on the LeBron/Cavaliers free agency scenario. Oh, and it sounded like he just ran a four minute mile. Rick will take any and all shots at DA and doesn’t care what the repercussions are. This morning’s Epic Fail.


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