The decision has been made. LeBron James is “coming home,” to use his own words. Four years ago, LeBron left the city of Cleveland in a way which was regrettable, by going on air with a self-serving hour long promotion now known as “The Decision.” He left his hometown scorned and full of hatred towards him. But now, after four years in Miami where he won two NBA titles, James has decided to go back home and finish what he started. He wrote an essay, with Lee Jenkins of Sports Illustrated, announcing his choice to head back to the 330. His essay showed major signs of growth in maturity. DA had a ton of crow to eat all morning because of the way he was dismissive when Cavs fans brought up that they believed LBJ would once again be a Cav. That is the theme of this morning’s show, DA taking it on the chin. This morning’s Cold Open.

Rick in Atlanta is staunch in his distaste for DA, specifically on DA’s belief that LeBron was not going to Cleveland. This feud spanned over months, from DA asking if he was smoking something to Rick calling in such a fit of rage that the heavy breathing he portrayed via the phone had us all a bit nervous he was going to show up at the studios looking for DA. But DA does the right thing and plays some of their best back and forths over the months and tries to give Rick a forum to come collect his prize.

To play off of “The Decision”, DA does the DAcision where he fields questions from our very own Jim Gray aka Mraz. After weeks upon weeks of being adamant that LeBron was not going to sign with Cleveland, he decided to step to the carpet and answer the hard hitting questions to explain himself.

The differences between Miami and Cleveland are vast, from the weather to the state income tax to the beaches on the shores of Lake Erie compared to South Beach. Jeff in Erie PA has experienced the best of both worlds. Ole Jeffrey much prefers the South Beach strippers to the Cleveland stable though. This morning’s Epic Fail.


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