College football is just around the corner and with that we get the SEC Media Day yesterday. Reigning National Champion Auburn was present and accounted for on Day 1, but Gus Malzahn has some explaining to do why his star QB wasn’t there to answer questions. Over the weekend Marshall was pulled over for the tint on his car windows being too dark, and upon being searched police found about 8-9 grams of marijuana. Malzahn said that Marshall was left home from Media Day because of this and punishment will be doled out accordingly. But, with the inaugural college football playoff this year and a conference game to open the season, DA can’t imagine that Malzahn will suspend Marshall. Should he be suspended? This morning’s Cold Open.

After all of yesterday’s talk about LeBron, and our rejoins made specifically for Rick in ATL the groundhog came out of his hole to play. You are all well aware of Rick and DA’s epic battles over the past few months over whether LBJ was returning back home. Rick was able to give DA his for the first time since the announcement.

Our final World Cup in 90 is a compilation of the best of our calls over the past month. We know that we are always a little off on the show, so we appreciate you sticking with us through it all. But this compilation is some hilariously terrible stuff.

The CFP committee unveiled the new trophy yesterday and it is…interesting. DA put the picture on our Facebook page and let you heathens have at it. Of course, you animals gave us your X-rated takes on what it looks like. DA tries to carefully navigate your commentary without the FCC calling our hotline. This morning’s Epic Fail.


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