The circus that is the SEC Media Days is in full swing. King of all things SEC, Paul Finebaum, has a book coming out and an excerpt from the book speaks about how he has it on good authority that Texas offered Nick Saban $100 million to coach their football program. There is a lot for the mind to process here. A university of higher learning, tried to pay a man $100 million to coach their football team. Said man considered the aforementioned offer and declined politely. Who the hell turns down that sort of scratch, honestly? What point have we reached here in “amateur” athletics where that kind of money is being thrown around? This morning’s Cold Open.

Speaking of Texas Longhorn football, Charlie Strong may have to put out a few fires in the near future. Two players supposedly dined with an Agent, who was so giddy about the events that he felt the need to tweet it out. Okay, if you’re going to cheat, hows about we try and stay off social media for the world to see.

Champ or Chump. John Elway is already working on Julius Thomas’ contract space apparently. Elway said that Thomas should not be expecting Jimmy Graham type money.  Have to respect Elway looking to get ahead of the story on this one. Elway is this morning’s Champ.

These defensive oriented coaches in the SEC, that for a second year, are griping about the up-tempo teams and their competitive advantage need to get pound sand. It is not the other team’s fault that you cannot figure out how to stop them. This morning’s Chump.

Mraz is a learned man, though we question to what extent regularly here on the show. I have been quoted many a morning telling Mraz that he is honestly the dumbest person I have ever spoken with. Well, he surely did not help his case when he tried to workshop if chickens have a skull or if it’s basically just soft tissue under that skin. I am never surprised anymore as to what he may say. This morning’s Epic Fail.



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