First you get the money then you get the power. Well LeBron got his money in Cleveland, now apparently he is getting the power. James reached out to Timberwolves forward Kevin Love and expressed his interest in the two playing together in Cleveland. Word is that the T’Wolves would require Andrew Wiggins to be a part of the trade, and until recently the Cavs had reportedly scoffed at that idea. But as the NBA world works, the “sources” are reporting that the Cavs could be open to the idea. Many in Cleveland disapprove of the idea because of Wiggins “ceiling”, but everything you want in Wiggins, Love already has (okay, maybe minus the stingy defense). If the Cavs are in win-now mode, they will pull the trigger for Love and have their three headed monster on the Lakes. This morning’s WaterCooler.

With SEC Media Days coming to a conclusion yesterday, we were graced with the SEC Media poll rankings on how the conference will shake out. For such a high quality of football played in the south, the media who covers the teams couldn’t pick a winner to save its life. DA gives you their picks, and believe me, they are no Brock’s Locks.

As per every Friday, it is a Target Demo Friday. Because we keep such odd hours here on the Mothership, D.A. wants to know where you are and what you are doing. As I reiterate most weeks, this is one of our favorite segments on the show, we get to play some extended Parliament Funk along with some Mac Miller (a lot of good tuneage happening at 5:40 on Fridays).

There must have been some sort of weird lunar eclipse during this morning’s show because we had a handful of abnormally weird callers. John in Pittsburgh had some take about universities should have athletics as a form of academia. Kevin in Boston was exactly what you would expect a typical Boston sports fan to be like: the most arrogant, entitled person one would fathom. Then Tony in Cali tried to make some half-hearted connection between race and salary caps in sports? I mean what the hell, can we just get to the weekend. This morning’s Epic Fail.

Be good and be good to one another. Enjoy the weekend.

The Mothership disconnects.


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