You can almost taste the wings on Saturday afternoon while you’re watching copious amounts of college football from noon until midnight. Bob Stoops has taken exception to some Nick Saban comments about their matchup in the Sugar Bowl last season. Big Game Bob did not appreciate Saban basically downplaying their win over Alabama, saying that it is tough to get kids excited for a consolation game. But what Stoops is doing runs deeper than just complaining about a BCS bowl game. The Big 12 is the only power conference sans conference title game, which with the installment of the four team playoff this season, will hurt them in the eyes of the selection committee. Also, Stoops was railing on Texas A&M’s non-conference schedule which is admittedly weak. But when you consider three of their conference road games this year: at Alabama, at South Carolina, at Auburn you kind of give them a pass. Calm down there Bobby. This morning’s Cold Open.

Trouble in the waters for Tom and Gisele? According to one gossip magazine, there is a front being put on in public between the power couple of Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen. Word is that Gisele runs a pretty tight ship, forcing Tom to clean toilets, scrub floors and get the kids ready for school in the morning. All duties that are required of a father. Could you imagine Tom on his hands and knees scrubbing the porcelain throne? I mean, the imagery alone is worth mentioning this story.

DA filled in on MOJO the other day where they had Bill Hancock, former Executive Director of the BCS and now College Football Playoff Executive Director, and DA and Brian Jones grilled him about some comments he made to the USA Today recently. If you have ever wanted to hear a guy bob and weave out of questions with the silkiness of Ali, then this is your segment.

Mark in Ohio is the coolest cat on the planet. His fiancé is apparently good friends with Gisele, and Mark wanted to add validity to the story about her running a tight ship and Tom curtailing to her every request/demand. The problem is it sounds like Mark had been hitting the bottle pretty hard and had basically slurred his way through the phone call. Drunk guy in Ohio claiming to be friendly with Tom and Gisele? This morning’s Epic Fail.


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