The Boston Red Sox are less than a year removed from a World Series title. But things are in such shambles now that one of their homegrown talents, Jon Lester, appears to be leaving town by the time the clock strikes 4pm EST on Thursday’s trade deadline. How did they get to this point? Well it starts with a low-ball, almost disrespectful offer of 4 years, $70 million that was brought to Lester. Lester is on his way out and there isn’t a way that this ends particularly well for Boston. This morning’s Cold Open.

Champ or Chump. Kirk Ferentz stepped up and said what we have all been thinking at Big Ten media days. He said that we have far too many bowls, and that teams should have to be 7-5 to be bowl eligible. But because the NCAA is all about making their money, teams that are 6-6 become bowl eligible and we are saddled with putrid bowl games on December 18th. Good job Kirk, this morning’s Champ.

Chumps are the students of UCLA who went for a swim on campus yesterday. Out there in Westwood, there are plenty of beautiful places to spend your leisure time. But some of these bozos decided to go swimming in merky brown water after there was a water main break on campus that flooded out Pauley Pavilion, along with some other athletic facilities. Do they even know the contents of that water? This morning’s Chumps.

Andre Reed will be inducted into the NFL HOF this weekend, and in a long form interview with New York Magazine he started throwing haymakers at all on-comers including Johnny Manziel and Bon Jovi. Who the hell takes shots at Bon Jovi? But Reed did have a great line about a trip to Toronto: “On the record I had a good ass time. Off the record I had a great ass time.” Read into that as you see fit.

Instead of the Epic Fail being our final segment for this podcast, we decided to give you the full length segment on the Great Back Shave 2014. As someone who witnessed this in person, I am utterly disgusted and will not sleep for weeks. Mraz shirtless is something that no person should ever have to witness, let alone while he is getting his back shaved. I will need years of therapy to try and suppress this memory.


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