Bids to buy the Buffalo Bills were due by 5pm EST yesterday, and as we sift through the names that put in offers, one wonders how long/if it all, the Bills will stay in Buffalo. For a city that prides itself on its sports passion/enthusiasm, it would be a grave loss for the NFL to move the Bills from Orchard Park to wherever they may end up moving them (whether it be Toronto/LA/etc). No matter the weather conditions (which aren’t always the best in Orchard Park), fans show up in droves ready to root on their Bills. They’ve dealt with the highs (four straight SB appearances) and the lows as much as any NFL franchise. But the almighty dollar speaks the loudest for Roger Goodell and the NFL, and if they believe that there is more money to be had with a team in LA and the new owners believe the same, then we could be seeing a fan base with their hearts ripped out. This morning’s Watercooler.

Champ or Chump. Billy Beane has perfected the “moneyball” approach, well almost. They have won the division two years in a row, but they haven’t been able to reach that ultimate prize. They went out and acquired Jeff Samardzija from the Chicago Cubs to bolster their pitching staff. And now they are a contender in the Jon Lester sweepstakes. If Beane and the A’s are all in, they need to be all in because you cannot continue to toe the line without jumping with both feet in. But props to them for what they have done thus far. This morning’s Champ.

Jameis Winston has become the new Johnny Manziel of college football. He is an unabashed star with all eyes on him. But he is also taking on the controversial role, with all of his in-season/off-season flare ups. And one that we are just finding out about that took place in 2012, that involved him being handcuffed at gun point while he was holding a bb gun. Now, the details are sketchy on how that situation came to be, but if you’re Jameis, you need to clean everything up. You’ve had enough bad publicity to tide you over. This morning’s Chump.

Arian Foster gave the greatest interview yesterday at Texans training camp. Over a minute and a half back and forth with reporters, he gave the same answer (or as close to the same) for every single answer, regardless of whether it had to do with the actual question or not. “I’m just trying to be a better teammate”.

The Great Back Shave 2014 is all said and done, and DA has been mulling whether this was the lowest point for his radio career. The callers weigh-in and give their opinions, which are of the utmost important and there were a variety of takes on TGBS 2014. I personally find it as a low point in my life, let alone in my “career.” This morning’s Epic Fail.


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