Andy Dalton got paid in a big way, kind of. Dalton is the latest of the QBs to get the famed $100 million contracts. There was much dissension amongst the Bengals brass on how to go about paying Dalton, and if it should be done before this season. Andy has been a good regular season QB for Cincinnati, but in the playoffs he has come up a bit short. Which is par for the course for that Bengals franchise. And though it sounds like a ton of money, it really isn’t all that much guaranteed. He’s guaranteed $25 over the next two seasons, but after that it basically becomes a year-to-year contract and if the Bengals decide to cut him it will not kill them against the cap. This morning’s Cold Open.

Sunday night baseball has basically become the Yankees vs. Red Sox. And if you are going to watch from first pitch to last, you better buckle in for a four hour affair. How does the MLB expect kids, with the attention span that we have now, to really be locked in for that absurd amount of time? There are 50 other things I would rather be doing during those four hours then watching a baseball game that just refuses to end.

LeBron James’ famed “I’m Coming Home” letter that was penned in Sports Illustrated was spoofed yesterday, and it was remarkable. Brian Scalabrine is returning to the Boston Celtics as a broadcaster, and he composed quite the satirical “I’m Coming Home” with his tongue planted firmly in his cheek. DA reads some excerpts from the “piece.” Well worth a few minutes of your time.

John in Pittsburgh had two quick stories he wanted to tell DA, because as a baseball purist, DA would appreciate them. Well after about four minutes of obnoxious laughing and getting derailed every other sentence we were all sitting then waiting for DA to put John out of his misery. I will never get those four or so minutes of my life back. This morning’s Epic Fail.


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