Anthony Bosch was arrested yesterday for peddling PEDs. It seems Bosch was not only dealing PEDs to MLB players, but also to high school kids. The lowest of the low. The MLB told him that they would put in a good word for him because of his testimony to them in helping to nab players. Well I think it is time to call in that favor Anthony. But at this point is it all white noise because we have become so desensitized to the whole PED situation. Ironic though how on the day where the MLB names its three candidates for the next Commissioner of MLB, Bosch gets arrested right? This morning’s Cold Open.

Jameis Winston has taken fire from all angles this off season, deservedly so or not. But Paul Finebaum, the mouth of the south, went on 106.7 The Fan in D.C. yesterday and described him as a “train wreck.” He said that he was in Jameis’ home state of Alabama and started talking about how he “was not a good character guy.” That’s a lot of venom and hate coming from Finebaum. Jameis has become the Johnny Manziel in terms of being a lightning and talking point off the field.

Champ or Chump. This morning’s Champs are the San Antonio Spurs for thinking outside the box and naming Becky Hammon as an assistant coach. She will be the first female assistant coach in the NBA.

The Chump this morning is Jerry Jones, with a catch. There were pictures released yesterday of a man, who looks eerily similar to Jerry, with a couple of females in some pretty suggestive poses. Now obviously Jerry has not confirmed that these in fact are him. But if you take a good look, and with his Zoolander-esque stares into the camera, it looks pretty damn close to Jerry.

Ron in Miami is the king of predictions, just ask him. He claims to have told DA that the LeBron to Cleveland was a done deal weeks before it happened. And now he is saying that the Love to Cleveland deal is signed, sealed and delivered.  Ron also spent the entire time eating his phone. This morning’s Epic Fail.


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