The NFL is really dragging its feet with the Josh Gordon appeal of his year-long suspension. Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting that the ruling will come down in the next one to three weeks. But why is the NFL doing the Browns such a disservice? Gordon is out there working out with the 1’s and getting reps in the off chance that his suspension is lifted, or at the least reduced. Is the NFL really considering his “secondhand smoke” claim? This morning’s WaterCooler.

Champ or Chump. The MLS All-Stars took on Bundesliga powerhouse Bayern Munich. They took down the German superpower 2-1 after Landon Donavon scored late to give them the lead. This is a great look for the MLS competing at such a high level with an international team. This morning’s Champ.

The Philadelphia Eagles are looking to get back to their old school Kelly green jerseys. But of course the NFL’s idiotic rules are prohibiting those gem jerseys from gracing Lincoln Financial Field this year. The NFL states that a team cannot change helmets during the season because of the possible injury concerns that may arise. Has anyone seen Oregon the past few years. Those cats go through 5-6 helmets per season. The NFL and their rules, this morning’s Chump.

Vegas released their Heisman Trophy odds yesterday, so of course this calls for the first edition of Brocks Locks. I run through my three best value picks for the Heisman Trophy.

John in Pittsburgh took umbrage with DA incessantly referring to Brandon Weeden as a bum, and of course everybody’s new favorite game “Who Wants To Be A Holdsnapper.” He actually used Weeden and doctor in the same sentence several times. If there is one thing Weeden is not, he is not a doctor. This morning’s Epic Fail.


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