Tragedy struck the racing world on Saturday night when Tony Stewart was involved in an incident that ended fatally for 20-year-old Kevin Ward Jr. Stewart and Ward rubbed wheels coming around a turn that sent Ward into a fishtail, spinning out off to the side. Ward then proceeded to get out of his car and dodge cars in the middle of the track so that he could go out and point and yell at Stewart. What happened next was absolutely terrible and something you never want to see. Stewart’s car hit Ward that sent him flying. Ward was pronounced dead when he arrived at the hospital. This of course sent the internet into a frenzy. Does Tony Stewart’s past history of being a hot head mean that he could go as far as to clip him on purpose? That is the least likely of the scenarios. But we will truly never know what transpired in those few brief moments leading up to the accident. This morning’s Cold Open.

Rory McIlroy has won back-to-back majors (British Open and PGA Championship) and has firmly supplanted himself as the face of the PGA. Yesterday Rory came out and was laser-focused and did exactly what he needed to do to hold off all on-comers and win his fourth major title. This has been an interesting year for Rory. After breaking off his engagement with his then fiancé Caroline Wozniacki, some wondered aloud how this would translate to an on the course Rory. Well I think we have our answer. There is not a better player in the world right now, and as DA so aptly puts it, it looks as though the PGA has made a smooth transition from the Tiger era to the Rory era and will not really miss a beat.

Ryan Mallett was a top QB during his time at Arkansas, and when he was drafted by the Patriots, it was assumed that he would be Tom Brady’s “successor”. But things haven’t exactly panned out for Mallett, as the game action he has seen has not produced the best on the field results. Mike Mayock, NFL Network analyst, was at Patriots camp and said that Mallett would be a starting QB in this league. Rumors have run amuck that Mallett would be a backup QB that teams would trade for if they were in need of a QB. DA does not see this as a viable option and does not agree with Mayock’s take on Ryan.

We take an array of calls on the overnight, most coherent and somewhat well thought out. But sometimes we get some utter disasters. None are worse than the guys who want us to talk motocross, poker, or some other random niche sport. Paul in Dallas wanted to know why we don’t talk more poker on the show. What are we supposed to do, break down why Phil Ivey didn’t bet the house on the river? I mean, we are out there on this show, but it is controlled chaos. This morning’s Epic Fail.


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