A mere week after the photos surfaced, allegedly of Jerry Jones with two younger women in questionable poses, Jones spoke out about the pictures. Jerry says that the photos are “misrepresented.” Anyone want to venture a guess as to what that means? He went on to say that they were taken at a restaurant five years ago. Well thank you for acknowledging that it is you in the pictures, without actually saying it, we salute you Jerry Jones. As we have hammered home over the past 10 days or so on the show, there is no accountability amongst the highest of the higher ups in the NFL. This morning’s WaterCooler.

It seems like daily another story surfaces about some athlete putting his hands on a women in a violent fashion. Greg Oden is one of the more recent accounts. Oden is facing felony charges after allegedly beating his girlfriend up last week. After coming home from a night of drinking, Oden and his girlfriend got into an argument which lead to Oden hitting her three times in the face until she started bleeding. Greg’s mother was the one who broke up the incident.  We are all speechless. DA reads Oden the riot act, as he well should. NightLights are caught at the backend of this story.

John Sterling is well-known on our show for his not-so-stellar play-by-play of the New York Yankees. Though last night’s call may take the cake for worst call ever. We replay the call a few times in this segment because it is nearly impossible to follow. If you were driving in the car the moment this happened, you would have no idea what in the hell just happened in the game.

The world suffered a tragic loss yesterday with the passing of Robin Williams. We normally reserve the last segment of the show for the Epic Fail, but this morning we give you the Epic Salute. Robin was a fixture on the big screen, and his standup comedy may be some of the best I have ever seen. We play his Golf skit, which is him explaining how the Scottish came up with the game of golf.


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