The Cleveland Browns added just a little hot sauce to the QB pot yesterday when they signed Rex Grossman to a contract. Now Grossman has ties to Kyle Shanahan dating back to their days together with the Washington Redskins. But with a veteran like Brian Hoyer, who is beloved by Browns fans and drafting Johnny Manziel, why the hell would you sign another vet like Sexy Rexy? DA has an interesting theory that the Browns may be pot committed to starting JFF Week 1, and instead of having a disgruntled Hoyer on the bench maybe they try to flip him for a mid-round draft pick and then Rex will be your back up QB. Not half bad DA. This morning’s Cold Open.

Champ or Chump. Have you seen the compensation package that Shelly Sterling is getting with the sale of the LA Clippers? Courtside seats to every home game, 10 tickets in section 101, access to all VIP lounges and media center, a cool $200 million to put towards a charity of her choice. Oh and if the Clippers win a title, she gets not one, not two but three NBA Championship rings. I’d say she made out quite well in that deal. This morning’s Champ.

The Cal Poly football team is trying to show that they want to be considered with one of the powerhouses in college football, just not on the field. Five Cal Poly players are being investigated for armed robbery of a frat house, where they were looking for Xanax. Now this is exactly what a Power Five conference school would be in the mix on. Welcome to elite college football Cal Poly. This morning’s Chumps.

Orlando Scrandrick’s positive drug test took the show by storm this morning. Should he be suspended for testing positive for Molly while on vacation? There were some disagreements between the Mothership crew this morning, but it lead to maybe one of our funniest segments we’ve had to date. Popped a Molly I’m sweatin.

Mraz and I disagree on many things, so just add Scandrick’s suspension to the long list. DA likes to portray that we generally like each other. We don’t. So when we disagree on something and DA gives us the forum  to battle one another, we go for the jugular. Fat boy slim thinks that no professional athlete should have enough stress in their life to let off some steam. I, of course, vehemently disagree with the Thicktator. This morning’s Epic Fail.


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