CHAD BROWN – 10/14/14
Colorado Buffaloes sideline reporter

“How can they continue to block that out? How does that coaching staff keep that locker room insulated from all that? It’s going to be tough. Its going to be tough. And with Notre Dame coming up this weekend, this may be the week where they are unable to block that out and won’t put a good enough game together to get a victory.”
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IAN EAGLE – 10/15/14
NFL on CBS analyst

“There’s just a different level of understanding. He’s exceptionally bright. And when you ask him a question, he’s (the rare person) who actually thinks before he answers. He ponders. He doesn’t just blurt out an answer to get through the interview. He truly thinks about the best way to answer it and give you an honest assessment of whatever the question was. He’s a deeper thinker. He’s a guy that’s going to be a dominant player in this league for a very long time, and I think he’ll be not just a Super Bowl champion. You’re talking about multiple Super Bowls for this guy down the road.”
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JOSH KLINGLER – 10/16/14
Kansas City 610 sports radio host

“So this is really like the first unifying thing for a city that’s divided by a state line, that’s got a lot of split allegiances when it comes to college sports among three Division I programs. There’s a lot of splits in this community. But what brings everybody together are the Royals and Chiefs – and frankly, they haven’t had a lot to come together with. So this is a real kind of unifying thing for a huge fan base and a big city.”
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ADAM ZUCKER – 10/17/14
CBS College Football Today analyst

“So all this new stuff is going to result in a code of conduct hearing. That is a sign that the school is now in a split. There’s the academic and administration side, and there’s the athletic side. And traditionally, we see how the academic side and the athletic side will butt heads when something like this is going on.”
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