GABE POLSKY – 3/9/15
Red Army director

“I’ve got a lot of respect for Fetisov. He’s the guy that basically was a hero of the Soviet Union, probably one of the most decorated athletes in the history of the Soviet Union. And then ultimately (he) had to fight against the system that created him and fight against the Communist system – to great risk – and ultimately paved the way for generations of Russians afterwards, of Russian hockey players and other Soviet citizens.”
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ED O’BANNON – 3/10/15
Former UCLA player

“It’s the American way. If someone uses your likeness, you should be compensated for it. It’s a light-hearted gesture for the most part. I’m looking forward to grilling and watching hoops when the tournaments roll around.”
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ROSS TUCKER – 3/11/15
Former NFL player and current NFL analyst

“It’s almost like at the baseball trade deadline when you get another arm or you get another bat. Guys get excited like, ‘All right, we’re going for it. We’re being aggressive.’ I think it’s the same thing. You can’t tell me the Seahawks’ guys weren’t like, ‘Heck yeah, baby, we’re going back (to the Super Bowl)’ when they got Jimmy.”
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Manhattan head coach

“I’m just saying the way that it’s structured, that’s how it goes. The kids come for four years, (and) they move on. Or (they) come for two years (and) they move on. And the coaches are kind of more landmarks in college basketball. That’s the culture we’re in. And I’m not speaking for other coaches. I’m just speaking for myself. Sometimes you can lose perspective. Sometimes you can lose what your roots are. And the bottom line is the roots are the student-athletes. For me – and I said this last summer – (this experience has) made be a better person and a better coach.”
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STEVE WYCHE – 3/12/15
NFL Network analyst

“This tells us something about Ryan Matthews. Unless Chip told (him), ‘Even though I’m paying DeMarco Murray more, you’re still going to have an opportunity to win the starting job.’ Maybe that conversation was had. But still, it’s going to be a unique scenario.”
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BILL COEN – 3/12/15
Northeastern head coach

“It’s not often that everybody in and around a program (gets an) opportunity, and that’s a credit to Al and his mentorship.”
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