Westwood One college basketball analyst 

“Jahlil Okafor is the real deal. He’s a real center. What a pleasure to watch and see him develop. He’s still got a ways to go. He’s going to get only better. He’s just scratching the surface, but boy that kid can play. He is very good.”
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ALBERT BREER – 3/23/15
NFL Network analyst

“I think if they do wind up losing the Rams to Los Angeles, you will see an effort by the league to get St. Louis back. Because I don’t think they view this as St. Louis’ fault. Not that St. Louis has done everything they can over the last five or six years to get it done, but right down they’re doing what it takes. This is more circumstantial than anything else that St. Louis would be losing a team.”
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JASON CAPEL – 3/24/15
ACC Network analyst

“But I see Duke (winning). Their mindset right now is one game at a time. They have bigger goals in mind – and that’s the national championship. And I don’t see very much standing in their way.”
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BRADY QUINN – 3/24/15
Former NFL QB

“I don’t know that the combine for veterans necessarily shows all those skills and attributes. I think the perfect thing in the future would be a spring league.”
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NCAA Tournament sideline reporter

“So if that’s what it takes for West Virginia to try to get the win, to believe, good for them.”
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Westwood One college basketball analyst

“Now, I’m not saying Wisconsin can’t (go inside), but I picked Arizona because of their defense – and because despite being a No. 2 seed, I think this team is better than the No. 1 seed from last year.”
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Sports Writer

“People who have been lifelong fans of the team – if the team starts winning, maybe they’ll turn around. But I know many, many people who are lifelong fans of the team who have stopped going to the games. They’re begging people to buy their club seats. And a lot of people have given up on the team – not so much because they’re losing. The losing frustrates them. But because they’re losing and because the owner is such a dislikable person.”
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GARRY PARRISH – 3/26/15 college basketball insider

“That’s why I think the window, while open, it’s not as open as some might think. He wants to coach a big-time franchise with big-time players that are ready to win at a big-time level right at the start. Short of that, he is happy to make $8 million a year, recruiting at an unprecedented level in modern history and setting himself up to stack Final Fours and national championships.”
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JASON LA CANFORA – 3/26/15 NFL insider

“This Atlanta thing affects the game. You’re already in a dome. There’s a certain home-field advantage that’s inherent in that. And you’re artificially making it even more difficult to get plays relayed to hear what’s going on. To me, that kind of stuff and the jamming of signals and frequencies on the sidelines so that the helmets aren’t working right – and I’ve certainly heard many claims of that over the years – to me, that’s a direct infringement of the ability to normally sort of coexist as you would on a game-day Sunday.”
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