PETE GILLEN – 3/30/15
CBS Sports Network college basketball analyst

“You just have to get connected with the people that are connected with the kids. I think he’ll do a great job. I think he’s smart and he’ll get the right staff around him. I think the Johnnies will be back.”
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NFL Draft prospect

“That’s the most interesting part about it, to me. Get a chance to meet the different personalities, different coaches, the household names – Bill Belichick, Tom Coughlin, Lovie Smith. You meet all those guys and get a chance to interact with them and just talk some ball.”
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GREG AUMAN – 3/31/15
Tampa Bay Times Bucs writer

“I think they’re comfortable with what they’re dealing with in terms of character. I think they said several times here in the last two months that the problems he’s had off the field, they feel like are immaturity and not bad character and things that he can outgrow. And beyond that, I think they feel good about him as a player. The on-field things, they’re not concerned about, and I think they’re okay with who he is and who he’s been and confident that he’s unlikely to continue what has been a troublesome pattern at Florida State.”
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CHARLIE BELL – 3/31/15
Former Michigan State player

“There’s teams out there that I think are more talented than us. But at the same time, they don’t play as hard as us. They don’t work as hard as us. That’s what Michigan State basketball is built on – hard work, toughness, rebounding. That’s what we do the best, especially this time of year. Defense is one thing that carries you. They always say defense wins championships, and that’s something that we do very well.”
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Former NFL QB

“I had an excuse. In New York, it’s cold.”
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Former UNC player

“It was special throughout that season. That was one of our goals. We was trying to win for Coach Smith. For that team to do it – we had great seniors on that team – and just to do it for Coach Smith made that win and that championship more special.”
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Former Arkansas player

“Well, I think you got to mix it up. I don’t think they’re a team you can press for long periods of time, but I think they’re a ball club that you can force to take some jump shots. And if they’re knocking down those jump shots, then obviously you got to make an adjustment.”
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RIC BUCHER – 4/2/15
Bleacher Report senior NBA writer

“I hate to say it, but I find that a lot of times with the voters, they end up looking at the statistics and finding a way to justify their choice. Steph’s going to lose on that – not by his own hand, but the fact that they’ve dominated so many games and he doesn’t play in the fourth quarter. James is on the cusp of passing Steph because it’s easier to make a statistical argument why he’s more indispensable to his team than Steph is.”
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