PETE THAMEL – 4/6/15
Sports Illustrated senior writer

“Ultimately, there were five, six really good teams in college basketball this year. The contention is basically if Kentucky was in the ACC, they would have lost a game or two. They might have lost in Durham (or Chapel Hill). There would have been two or three road games that were really difficult, and they didn’t have that type of challenge. I just think that stunted their development a little bit.”
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WFAN Yankees reporter

“Now, we’ve seen and we all know now how some of those were accomplished, but when you just want your team to win, I guess maybe you’re trying to capture some of that old magic and see if there’s something there. I think we’re a long way away from that and I think the bar is pretty low on what you’ll take from A-Rod and a successful season. But yeah, it’s fair to say they’re kind of looking for something out there, and they’re kind of hoping A-Rod will provide it.”
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CBS Sports Radio host

“I don’t think there’s ever a point where the refs are like, ‘Hey, we got to give this thing to Duke.’ Duke won the game. Wisconsin had a nine-point lead and they didn’t execute. I thought they got tired, which is reasonable, but they didn’t (execute). They didn’t find the mismatches nearly as well, and they didn’t move the ball – I think because of fatigue – nearly as well. And they couldn’t get stops because they kept getting beat on the same high ball screen.”
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DENNIS DODD – 4/7/15
CBS Sports college football analyst

“I think (that’s) key. You don’t have that silliness where Nick Saban and Bret Bielema tried to steer the argument to the 10-second rule and try to circumvent the process in the rules. Everything is going to flow through this oversight committee, and they were established through autonomy.”
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WES SAXTON JR. – 4/8/15
NFL prospect

“Oh they’re pretty crazy. The weirdest question I got was are you a cat or are you a dog? I said dog. They said, ‘Well, a cat can finesse more, so why wouldn’t you want to be a cat?’ I was pretty lost. That was the weirdest question I got.”
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NBA TV analyst

“And right now as we stand this very moment, they’re on the outside looking in, but every moment it seems like that changes. If you had Indiana playing Atlanta, Indiana is the team that’s knocked the Hawks out of the playoffs the last couple years. Last season, Indiana, as you recall was the No. 1 seed but really was faltering toward the end of the season and the Hawks gave them a serious (scare). The Hawks almost eliminated the Pacers in the first round of the playoffs. So to now return that favor with Paul George coming back – and tonight’s his second game back and he’s playing decent basketball – that would be unbelievable theater to watch the Pacers and the Hawks in reverse roles from a year ago.”
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Arkansas State athletic director

“I said, ‘I can only hope that they send us a secondary infraction on this.’ I can only hope. We’d get a lot of media attention on that. But anyway, they handled it appropriate, and they did a good job. We appreciate it. Sometimes people at the national office – sometimes they kind of wonder, ‘Hey, what are these folks on campuses doing?’ When we told them it wasn’t going to be an instructional advantage, I think they understood it.”
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NFL Network analyst

“I just know that running the football – we keep talking about devaluing running backs – but running the football is still the gateway to playoffs and Super Bowl success. New England had lousy running stats for the year. The guy that led them in rushing last year didn’t play from the time he was on the cover of Sports Illustrated, Jonas Gray – and you remember he was late for a meeting the next week and Belichick taught him a lesson and we ever really saw him again. But during the playoffs, LeGarrette Blount was a man.”
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