From Sam Bradford to Mark Sanchez, from Matt Barkley to Tim Tebow, Chip Kelly has amassed a small village of quarterbacks, most of whom engender very strong opinions one way or the other.

Sanchez and Tebow, of course, were teammates in New York for one catastrophically awful season in 2012. The Jets finished 6-10 that year and struggled mightily on offense. Throw the oft-injured Bradford and the unproven Barkley into the fold, and Kelly has quite the quarterback conundrum.

Or does he?

“I think Chip Kelly’s just a little bit of a mad scientist, so he’s always going to tinker and toy with what he’s got on his roster,” Bleacher Report NFL draft analyst Chris Simms said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “I thought the Sam Bradford trade was great. I would take him over Nick Foles. Sam Bradford was the slam-dunk No.1 pick. Sanchez, hey, he’s a good quarterback. He’s a borderline starting quarterback. Nonetheless, a really good backup to have.”

And then there’s Tebow, arguably the most polarizing quarterback in NFL history. As Simms pointed out, though, the Eagles struggled mightily in short-yardage situations last year. Perhaps Tebow could be the answer.

“Maybe (Kelly is) just looking at some new creative ways to enhance his running game, whether (it means putting) Tebow at quarterback and (having) Ryan Matthews and DeMarco Murray in the backfield and they run the triple option,” Simms said. “I don’t know. I’m just giving you examples. But I just think that’s what Chip Kelly is. He’s a mad scientist, and he’s going to play with a lot of his ideas and players and schemes that he likes.”

Still, many do not see Tebow working out in Philly. In fact, former NFL kicker Jay Feely called Tebow the worst quarterback he watched play in his 14-year NFL career.

“It’s up there, there’s no doubt,” Simms said. “This is what I’ll say about Tim Tebow: The numbers, of course, are not good. The numbers are really worse than they actually appear in reality. You can go back to that year in Denver (in 2011). He had games where he was 8-for-25 for 47 yards – and it really was worse than that because he probably took 50 yards in sacks when receivers were open downfield – but that went against the team stats, not his personal stats.

“I am shocked he’s getting another chance,” Simms continued, “especially with the fact that he’s been out of football for two years. I don’t care who you’ve talked to about his throwing. From what I’ve seen, he can’t throw to be successful in the NFL, but maybe Chip was convinced of that. Maybe the work with (quarterback guru) Tom House did help. But the big thing is, it seems no matter who Tim Tebow works with, when the game and the bullets start to fly for real, he goes back to that same throwing motion, which is just not conducive for success in the NFL.”


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