CHRIS SIMMS – 4/21/15
Bleacher Report NFL draft analyst

“I am shocked he’s getting another chance, especially with the fact that he’s been out of football for two years. I don’t care who you’ve talked to about his throwing. From what I’ve seen, he can’t throw to be successful in the NFL, but maybe Chip was convinced of that. Maybe the work with (quarterback guru) Tom House did help. But the big thing is, it seems no matter who Tim Tebow works with, when the game and the bullets start to fly for real, he goes back to that same throwing motion, which is just not conducive for success in the NFL.”
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LEE JENKINS – 4/21/15
Sports Illustrated senior writer

“I still believe that’s why he went back there – the carrot of that, the possibility of that – what that would do for sort of his legacy and his reputation. I think that kind of outweighs everything else for him.”
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CBS Sports Network draft analyst

“You’re at the end of whatever you’re going to get out of him. If he’s willing to want to stay, you don’t know if you’re going to sign him past this year. Obviously you don’t have the extension or anything in place. But if you’ve got a legitimate chance to win in that division right now against a person who’s won in that division – which is Peyton Manning – your best shot is with him and not looking at three or four years down the road. If you bring in a rookie quarterback, I doubt he’s going to be as good as Philip Rivers, particularly the last two years. In 2013, he was the Comeback Player of the Year. So I just don’t think with the climate in your division (that) you can make that move.”
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BEN ROGERS – 4/22/15
105.3 The Fan in Dallas radio host

“Are they going to walk that line and stay away from anybody with character issues? Or will Jerry (Jones) say, ‘You know what? We’re not worried about it. We want to win football games. We’ll push the envelope’? It’s going to be really fun to watch. But hey, there’s always storylines when it comes to the Cowboys.”
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Fox Sports 1 NFL analyst

“Teams were not overwhelmed with what they saw from Melvin Gordon when they brought him in and at the combine. I think everyone expected him to run a 4.3 (in the) 40. He ran about a 4.5. He wasn’t this burner that everyone expected. He had a great college season at Wisconsin, but I don’t know if he’s a first-round pick like everyone says. I think he might go in the 20s to 32, in that range. But I don’t see Melvin going before Todd Gurley.”
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DAVID WESLEY – 4/23/15
Former NBA guard and current Pelicans analyst

“To see Old Man River Walk go out there and put up numbers like he’s doing just defies his age and the time he’s been in this league. Tim Duncan (is) one of the best of all time.”
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