Louisville’s B.J. Dubose is one of the top defensive end prospects in this year’s draft class, and while he’s enjoyed the last few months, he’ll be very happy to hear his name called this weekend.

“It’s been a fun, interesting process,” Dubose said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “It’s been pretty tough after the season because right after the season, we finished up in December and then I had to get prepared for the All-Star game in January. And then right after that, I had to go straight into training camp for the Combine in February and the Pro Day in March. So it’s been pretty hectic. Ever since Pro day (in) March, it kind of slowed down a little bit. But I’m enjoying the process.”

Dubose, a 6-4, 265-pounder, has all the physical tools to succeed at the next level. He feels his size gives him a lot of advantages in a lot of different situations. He can use his length, for example, to create separation, get off the line and shed blocks. Dubose built a reputation at Louisville as someone unafraid to do the dirty work – the things that don’t necessarily show up in box scores, but the things that help teams win games.

“That’s kind of how I was brought up,” Dubose said. “Working hard takes you a long way. But another good thing I learned along the way was technique. That also made my job a lot easier. But yes, I get in and I just go with my head down and work hard.”

Dubose, however, knows that physical gifts are only half the battle; character is important as well.

He scores high in that area, too.

“Yes, that definitely plays a huge part,” Dubose said. “(NFL teams) do ask a lot of questions about those types of things, and it’s only right because they are ready to invest a lot into a player. So yeah, that plays a huge part.”

Dubose, who had four sacks and 41 tackles last season, knew fairly early in the recruiting process that he wanted to play for Charlie Strong. Once Strong and his staff visited Dubose in Florida, it was a done deal.

“Just how real and sincere he comes off to a player,” Dubose said, explaining why Strong is such an effective recruiter. “And also, his morals and moral beliefs and things he spoke about versus other (coaches) just was way more attractive and made you feel comfortable going into play for that coach for four years.”

Now at Texas, Strong made quite a statement last season, dismissing several players for violating team rules. Dubose, it is worth noting, was never in Strong’s dog house – at least not for anything serious.

“No, not at all,” Dubose said. “Coach Strong is a very disciplined coach. That’s all he’s about is discipline and doing the right things. That’s what he preached everyday. No, we didn’t clash. I’ve been disciplined before, but I understand the greater picture of things, so I appreciate him for all the things he’s done for me.”

So does DeVante Parker, who has quickly become one of this year’s top wide receiver prospects. At 6-2, 207 pounds, Parker has size and quickness. He also had 43 catches for 855 yards and five touchdowns last season – in just six games.

“He definitely deserves the praise he’s getting,” Dubose said. “He’s an awesome player. He’s just very versatile. He works hard. He can do it all. He’s a well-rounded receiver, and he deserves to be where he is right now.”


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