“I was so mad. I was like, I could have did this in the park with one of my friends. I just didn’t understand why Manny didn’t throw any punches, and then I found out afterward that he had a shoulder (injury). So if it was a Manny Pacquiao that was throwing 100 punches a round, I think it would have been a much better fight.”
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Sports reporter

“Everybody makes mistakes, and I’m sure everybody at some point has acted in a way that, upon further review, they would not find to be the most professional or whatever it is. The problem – the issue I have – is, look, everybody can have a bad moment, but she pulled the TV card. ‘I’m on TV. Do you know who I am?’ And to me, that’s sort of the most insidious thing.”
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MALIK ROSE – 5/6/15
Former NBA player, current analyst

“Isiah did his job. He got the talent there. We had a lot of people there that could play, but it was like a little bit of a war between Steph and Larry Brown. That was well-documented. And then it went between Steph, Larry Brown and Isiah. It just got ugly there. But again, getting back to the original point, as far as management and picking talent – which is the general manger’s primary job – he knows talent, man. He picked David Lee, Channing Frye. He picked a lot of guys that are still having great NBA careers. But to your point, it just didn’t match. The talent and the central figure couldn’t get it all together.”
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GREG BEDARD – 5/6/15
Sports Illustrated senior writer

“I mean, who cares about general perception? The results speak for themselves. The funny thing about all this is both this and Spygate – you’re talking about things that you really didn’t have to do at the end of the day to gain an advantage. The Patriots could have beaten the Colts with rugby balls. Still, this is what they do, and it’s hard for me to say it’s a huge, egregious thing because they have four Super Bowl titles and these aren’t big things that we’re talking about. But they are certainly game-integrity issues, and those should be looked at seriously.”
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98.5 The Sports Hub host

“Did they ask for Belichick’s phone? It’s not in there. There’s no reference to it at all. And again, I don’t think that is all necessarily an accident. To me, there are holes in that report, and they don’t all pertain to Belichick. Why was there no real discussion about whether or not messing with the footballs was a league-wide issue? They give you no context, no frame of reference to say, ‘Yeah, Brady does it, but so does everyone else.’ It just feels like it was a very focused, pinpointed type of investigation on Brady and the officials’ room attendant and the equipment guy in the locker room. It really feels like it was that pointed.”
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Former NBA player and current Suns TV analyst

“Other than that, it’s what you teach them in practice and what they are capable of going out there to do based on what you’ve worked on. I think the motivating part – getting them pumped up, getting them focused, getting them to believe – I think that’s where coaches have an edge. And you have to give Doc Rivers a heck of an edge against any coach. He just beat Gregg Popovich, and (he’s) arguably the best coach ever.”
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