Bleacher Report NBA writer

“And the reality is, it really wasn’t until year two that Erik was allowed to coach LeBron the way that Erik wanted to coach LeBron. LeBron finally sort of let the wall break down in the middle of year two. I don’t really know that that’s going to happen here. It could. I’m not completely ruling it out. But I will say that LeBron kind of went out of his way not to criticize Erik publicly even when I knew that LeBron was upset about things that were happening behind the scenes. But LeBron has kind of gone out of his way to take little pokes at Blatt. And that’s very different, even in the first season at Miami.”
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MIKE GIARDI – 5/11/15
Comcast New England’s Patriots insider

“I think there’s a lot of that mentality as well. That this team will circle the wagons with Belichick and they will find a way to stick it to the league in their earhole. Repeatedly.”
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NBA TV analyst

“He is the greatest athlete in the world, he may go down as the greatest basketball player to ever play, he’s making unbelievable amounts of money, his popularity is amazing – he sees the world through a different set of glasses than you and I. And those glasses oftentimes don’t even have lenses in them, so that makes it even more interesting. But it’s different for him, and I think it’s hard for us to relate. And he probably says, ‘You guys can’t relate to what I’m going through, so I need to try and express it to you as best I can.’ Unfortunately, he doesn’t do it very well.”
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CHRIS BAXTER – 5/12/15 reporter

“And yet, $5.4 million is no insignificant sum to be coming down through the Department of Defense and the National Guard. Taxpayer money (is) going to NFL teams, many of whom are owned by millionaires and billionaires. And some of the reaction we’ve seen is, ‘Well, wait a minute. These are really small sums when you look at the overall amounts that these teams bring in. Why can’t they just offer this up as part of their supporting the troops?’”
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Sports Illustrated writer

“There was a lot wrong with the NBA. There were some positives – the Magic/Bird thing was happening – but it was really just starting.”
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ALAN FANGER – 5/13/15
Boston-area trial lawyer and legal analyst

“What Wells wanted to do was simply close the loop by getting the texts so he could get the full picture of the communications between Brady and Jastremski. When he didn’t get that, he obviously (didn’t like it). When you’re the object of a corporate investigation, you’re always better off just coming clean – because if you don’t, then the investigative body is allowed to draw certain conclusions by your non-cooperation and non-production of documents. That’s what happened here. I keep scratching my head, saying, ‘How in God’s name did you end up getting the advice you got not to produce those texts?’ (You’re) always worse off in non-production than you are when you come clean.”
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KEVIN HARLAN – 5/14/15
Sports announcer

“My family’s been in pro football since 1970. So it especially hits a chord with our family because this is kind of in the fabric of who we are. It’s tough to watch, it’s uncomfortable, and it’s really too bad. We should be celebrating the game and its great popularity, but all we seem to do is watch litigation and investigations and – no pun intended – one fumble after another. It’s too bad.”
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BOB ASMUSSEN – 5/14/15
Champaign News-Gazette Illinois beat writer

“I just have a hard time believing he’s this heinous guy who’s really terrible to his players, because obviously he’d have a lot of turnover if that were the case. A lot of guys that have left in recent years are very happy with the way they were treated by him. I wonder about the credibility of Simon. He played here, was a really good player, I think he definitely feels very wronged about this whole thing. But I’m still not sure about his motivation.”
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