RICK BARRY – 5/18/15
NBA Hall of Famer

“When they focus on defense, it ignites their offense. You even heard Steve Kerr say that: ‘Come on, guys. We got to focus. Don’t worry about our offense. It will all take care of itself if we get out there and get the job done defensively.’ That’s what championship teams do. They play really tough defense. When the Warriors play good defense, their offense performs better – and if they’ve got it really going on (offensively and defensively), then watch out.”
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Boston Globe columnist

“That’s why you do it. You win four championships and you want to be thought of with (Don) Shula and (Vince) Lombardi and whatnot. This has got to hurt because I think that most football people believe this team’s on the up and up because they’re better, smarter. But there’s a lot of people that are jealous and been getting their butts beaten and they want to see this team wave the flag of scandal. You hate to arm those people with the weapon, and that’s been done now.”
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FRANK ISOLA – 5/19/15
New York Daily News Knicks writer

“And don’t forget: Phil Jackson does have some health issues. If you guys remember when he’s on the bench when he was coaching, he would need a special chair to sit on. So I think that part of it would be uncomfortable. I tend to side with what you’re saying. I think that he would think it’s beneath him. But over the years, Pat Riley has sat here. Jerry West has sat here. And tonight, again, you had Larry Bird. And I get it. For some of these guys, it’s a free trip to New York. But you are talking about Larry Bird. If he can be here, why can’t a guy like Phil Jackson be here?”
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MIKE GIARDI – 5/19/15
Comcast SportsNet New England analyst

“Well, the process was skewed, the process was messed up, but we’re not necessarily sure we didn’t do something wrong. We can’t necessarily prove to you that we didn’t do something, that something didn’t happen to the ball. I don’t think they would go back and change that. I just think it is what it is. It was out there to get more people on their side and to take some shots publicly at the NFL because (Kraft) knew he wasn’t going to be able tot take shots beyond that when it comes to going to court – because he had no plans on going there.”
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ALBERT BREER – 5/20/15
NFL Network analyst

“There’s just so much uncertainty with the Raiders . . . But if in a year or two years we have the Chargers and Rams sharing a stadium in Inglewood, then the Raiders are going to be looking for an answer. And because again, I think Oakland seems kind of a luxury for the league – having two teams in the Bay Area – I certainly think that they would be looked at as kind of a piece that could move in a number of different directions.”
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NBA.com writer

“I think if this becomes the norm – it’s cute the first time or three or half dozen, but is this what we want to see? Why not bring grandma? Why not bring whomever? I would prefer they save it for Father’s Day and make it special and let’s just get in, get out. It just seemed like not the right time and place.”
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AMY TRASK – 5/21/15
Former Raiders executive

“I have been told by many insiders that that may be somewhat naive on my part or somewhat silly on my part, and eyebrows have been raised because they do know I was with an organization that engaged in litigation with the league for a number of years. But it’s really hard for me to fathom based upon my years in the league – and I was a part of the league for almost 30 years – it’s just hard for me to imagine that litigation will ensue. But you know what? Things that are hard for me to imagine happen all the time.”
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KEN FANG – 5/21/15
Awful Announcing associate editor

“And Dave is a broadcaster. That’s one thing that sets him apart from the Jimmys and Conan O’Brien. He was a broadcaster first and foremost. He understands what it’s like to give good television. He knows what it’s like to give a good show. He’s had a long time to think about this since he announced his retirement. He’s probably thought about it even before that. So he struck the right balance. He gave the fans a very nice thing to remember him by. Even if he doesn’t come back like his mentor, Johnny Carson, we have something to remember him by.”
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HOWARD BECK – 5/21/15
Bleacher Report NBA senior writer

“But the West is brutal. It’s one team after another that you could see as being a potential championship contender as you’re going through the playoffs. And the East, there’s just not much there. So that’s not to denigrate an accomplishment. You get to five straight Finals, it’s great regardless, and if he wins another championship – three in five years – that would be a phenomenal accomplishment, too. I don’t think they’re going to beat whoever comes out of the West, though.”
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