OMAR MINAYA – 5/25/15
Former Mets GM

“My guess is that he will be back. We only have a quarter of the season so far, so there’s a lot of baseball left, and my hope is that he gets back because he was having a good year and he’s (got) a leadership role with this team, and this team is a contending team.”
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CJ NITKOWSKI – 5/26/15
Fox Sports 1 MLB analyst

“For the guys that are telling you they’re just doing it because they want to have a better grip on the ball, (that) they’re worried about having command, it’s a lie. It’s just a lie. There’s no two ways about it. It’s there because you can throw a better breaking pitch. That’s why guys use it.”
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NBA TV analyst

“I think he’s just a couple of titles away from being the greatest that this game has ever seen. And I’m not afraid as a Michael Jordan fan to say that.”
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JIMMY CONRAD – 5/27/15
Former U.S. men’s national team member

“I think fans should stand up and applaud. We’re finally taking on something that’s so corrupt and so obviously corrupt. (FIFA is) incredibly arrogant to think (that what it has done over the years is) okay.”
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DAVID WESLEY – 5/27/15
Former NBA guard

“He studies and he’s into all this and watches and lives basketball. So in that respect, he’s like another coach. He’s not coaching the team, but his insight – the fact that he’s on the floor – you got to give that some consideration. And I’m sure David Blatt has figured that out, that, You know what? If it trust this guy, he’s going to get me to an NBA Finals. Here they are. He might get him a championship in his first season.”
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JIM BREUER – 5/28/15

“It’s a club that you immediately identify. I remember seeing Dan Akroyd and he literally brings it right down to the level of what it was like being on the cast. So many other cast members I met – you have an initial bond right away. But the best part of the night for me was just talking to Will Ferrell – just talking to him normal and asking about his brother, asking about his mother. His mother used to come to shows all the time. Those little things were more exciting for me than seeing performances or anything like that.”
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SEKOU SMITH – 5/28/15 writer and editor

“That’s all I’m getting at. We’re not dealing about what if and what if this guy played with that guy? We’re dealing strictly with the reality of who and what they are and what they did in the moment. And nobody that I could think of has topped Jordan. Every time he was on that stage, he delivered.”
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