DUSTIN FOX – 6/1/15
Cleveland’s 92.3 The Fan host

“If he’s anywhere close to 85 percent, 80 percent (in the Finals), I think the Cavs have a very realistic shot of winning this series, and maybe winning it easier than people think.”
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Former NBA great

“LeBron, of course, has been there five years in a row. (He and Curry are) going to have to inspire their teammates to rise to the occasion.”
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ERIC SNOW – 6/2/15
Former Sixers guard

“His ability to score and score in transition and put so much pressure on a team with his speed hasn’t been matched in NBA history, in my opinion. If he played now with these rules, it’d be incredible what he would do. If you could not touch him, it would be incredible what he would do.”
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CBS Sports NFL insider

“If it was a more manageable contract, then I think there’s teams that – if he was making 10, 11 or certainly 8 or 9 (million), there would have been no shortage of teams that would say, ‘You know what? We’ll trade a second this year and a second next year to take a crack at that and have him at a manageable deal for the next three years.’ The problem is, the deal’s an outlier. And probably the only team that was willing to pay him in the end is the one where he didn’t want to be, but he’s there now – and it’s a marriage of convenience, if nothing else.”
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60 Minutes Sports correspondent

“Soccer is the most popular game in the world, but this has been the ugliest week I think in the history of the sport.”
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SAM AMICK – 6/3/15
USA Today NBA writer

“(Kerr) did quite a few things like that that got this team to the next level. It’s a fascinating story because you find yourself crediting guys from the past like Mark Jackson. But again, I think in the here and the now, guys like Steve and the rest of that group deserve a ton of credit.”
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KYLE DRAPER – 6/4/15
Comcast New England reporter

“When he was with Carmelo Anthony, he was a head-case. You couldn’t rely on him. Now that he’s with LeBron James, he’s playing the best basketball of his career.”
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DAVID FOX – 6/4/15
Athlon Sports senior writer

“That resonates with recruits. And another trend that stuck out to em . . . was the amount of Air Raid guys – the guys who have come from the Mike Leach school or Kevin Sumlin, Mike Kingsbury, or who worked with Dana Holgorsen. So these are all younger coaches who are kind of on the cutting edge of an offense, and I think that’s another thing that athletic directors are really interested in and really kind of feel the pressure to have an exciting offense. And the guys who coach this offense are all in their 30s or early 40s, for the most part. So I think those three things are kind of at play here.”
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