The Cavaliers have a chance to take a commanding 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals on Thursday, and you can rest assured that the entire city of Cleveland is buzzing.

“After (Game 3), I am absolutely pumped,” adult film star and Cavs super fan Jayda Diamonde said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “I absolutely believe we’re going to win the title.”

Diamonde, a diehard Cavs fan, hasn’t missed a second of the NBA Finals.

“I’m yelling at my TV, which is pretty typical for me,” she said, “but I’ve been watching some at home and I’ve been going to a couple of the Cavs watch parties. Even when they’re playing down at The Q, we still have abut 45 watch parties going on. The whole city was basically on fire (after Game 3). The whole city is just electrified over it.”

Diamonde, a Florida native, moved to Cleveland about 10 years ago with her husband and fell in love with the city.

“It is absolutely a different atmosphere and a totally different kind of people up here,” she said. “And it is so amazing, really. The people here are just fantastic, and the way the city gets so excited with what’s going on – it’s really amazing.”

Believe it or not, Dimaonde was a Cavs fan before her husband became one.

“Sports is just the deal up here,” she said. “It’s just what you do. I started watching, and I actually got him into the Cavs. He was a Browns fan. He was not into the Cavs and I started watching them and I got him addicted.”

Diamonde was asked what makes Cleveland different.

“People here are more united, whereas in Florida everybody kind of does their own thing,” she said. “Nobody’s really involved in sports in Florida. There’s sports teams, but nobody really follows them. Up here, the town is more united. The people, they all just kind of have the same personalities. When it comes to big events like this, they just come together. It’s really quite amazing.”

Diamonde said that she is sometimes recognized by (male) strangers in public, but they are often too nervous to approach her.

“There has been a couple of those,” she said. “And then you get a couple of the stares where they stare at you and do a double take (and they) just know.”

And yet, they rarely, if ever, say anything.

“Especially if you’re in a grocery store or anything,” Diamonde said. “It’s actually quite comical.”

Diamonde would of course love to meet LeBron James, but her not-so-distant second choice should come as no surprise.

“Delly, of course,” she exclaimed. “Delly is the man. How cold you not love Delly? He is just putting it on them.”

Diamonde said that “probably every single (girl)” in Cleveland wants to get with Dellavedova right now, but why? Is it the beard? The scrappy play? The Australian accent?

“Oh, well that’s a hard decision,” she said. “It’s probably the Australian accent and the fact that he’s a scrappy guy. He is just ready to go for it and he dives right to the ground for those balls and he’s all in.”


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