Two days before fighting Fabricio Werdum at UFC 188, heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez dropped by CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show to discuss the fight.

“I’m just excited,” Velasquez said. “I’m here in Mexico City. I’m just excited to finally go out there and fight and pretty much stop talking about it and go out there and do it, you know what I mean?”

The fight is a unification bout between Velasquez (13-1 MMA, 11-1 UFC), the current champion, and Werdum, (19-5-1 MMA, 7-2 UFC), the interim champion. The fight was originally supposed to occur at UFC 180, but Velasquez had to pull out with a knee injury.

“I definitely wanted to be a part of that,” Velasquez said. “I couldn’t because of the injury, so again, (so I’m) just glad that I get to finally come back and fight here.”

Velasquez said his game plan will include all “the normal stuff” – moving forward, attacking and pressuring his opponent.

“I feel like it is my moment,” he said. “I feel like it is my night. It all comes down to winning. This Saturday I have to go out there, do what I’ve been trained to do and go out there and win.”

Werdum has been talking a little bit of trash in anticipation of the fight, saying that he is “more Mexican” than Velasquez. Werdum, who is Brazilian, added that Velasquez, who is from California, is “an American who thinks he’s Mexican.”

Velasquez was asked if he’s blocking out Werdum’s comments or if they’ve simply added motivation.

“Pretty much just block out,” Velasquez said. “The words before the fight, they don’t win the fight. So whatever happens in the octagon in that one moment, that’s what wins a fight. So I’m just focused on that, focused on what I have to do to go out there and win.

“(His comments) didn’t bother me,” Velasquez continued. “But what did bother me was the next day he tried to come up and be buddy-buddy with me and try to shake my hand when obviously he was talking trash before. I don’t respect fake people. . . . I’m just focused on the game plan and focused on what I have to do. If somebody out there is fake, then they’re fake. At least you know what they are.”

Velasquez said that “quite a bit” of his friends and family will be at the fight. It will be great to see them in the crowd before and during the fight, right?

Apparently not.

“No, no, I won’t see anybody else but Werdum,” Velasquez said. “That’s it. I don’t hear anybody else. I’m focused on my opponent in front of me and that’s pretty much it.”


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