Former NBA veteran

“They have pretty much dominated the series. It’s kind of funny how that works, isn’t it? I mean, they lost the first game and they lose Kyrie Irving and people think they might not ever win a game. But lo and behold, if you look at the series and take each game for what it is, they’ve dominated the series since the start. They should be up 2-0.”
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Former Jets WR

“I think they’re trying to reach out and make it better, and I hope they do that. But I wanted to tell Todd Bowles I really appreciate that and that’s what he wants to do. He wants us to feel welcome anytime we wanted to come. Not one coach has ever done that with us.”
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SI.com reporter

“I’m not the best singer. I’m a mediocre singer. But I think it’s the passion, which is why I loved Sanchez’ performance. I’m a karaoke enthusiast. I’m willing to sing anywhere, anytime.”
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NBA TV analyst

“But ultimately, you’re not going to slow down Steph Curry and Harrison Barnes and Draymond Green the way you have. Now granted, Klay Thompson had a great game (in Game 2), but wait for that game when three or four of these guys get going and Golden State scores 115 points in regulation and they win the game.”
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RIC BUCHER – 6/10/15
Bleacher Report NBA senior writer

“I don’t know that there’s any proof that Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving and LeBron James would have been a juggernaut if they were together right now. Maybe, but it’s not as if they were together and they ever did anything that makes you convinced that those pieces would have fit together. We’ve seen enough times where pure talent doesn’t always make the best team.”
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Adult film star and Cavs super fan

“Oh, well that’s a hard decision. It’s probably the Australian accent and the fact that he’s a scrappy guy. He is just ready to go for it and he dives right to the ground for those balls and he’s all in.”
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MALIK ROSE – 6/11/15
Two-time NBA champion and CSN Philadelphia NBA analyst

“I don’t think he’s dirty. Some plays maybe he’s towing the line of dirty, but I’ve played against dirty players, and I don’t think Matthew Dellavedova is a dirty player. He’s extremely tough, physical and he competes. You just got to live with it. He can definitely find a job anywhere in the NBA, man. A lot of guys in the league are going to respect him because of what he’s doing right now.”
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UFC fighter

“No, no, I won’t see anybody else but Werdum. That’s it. I don’t hear anybody else. I’m focused on my opponent in front of me and that’s pretty much it.”
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