Cavs legend

“I still believe that with a player like LeBron James – and missing all those people we just talked about – I still think we have an opportunity here. We have to make sure we can win (Game 6) by being more physical, by making shots. I think if you make shots and continue to play the defense we’ve played, I think it gives us a chance to win. If you get to a seventh game, anything can happen. That’s the Ohio version of understanding that we still have a chance.”
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TIM GRAHAM – 6/15/15
Buffalo News Bills writer

“A lot of people are pointing to Rex Ryan as the reason why these ticket sales are so high – and he’s part of it, but not nearly as significant as this new ownership group. And now people in Buffalo are saying we’re going to have football for the rest of our lives. This team’s not going anywhere. And coming off a 9-7 season, Doug Marrone wasn’t the most popular coach – he’s gone. There was just this feeling of, ‘All right, let’s go. Let’s get all in on this.’”
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JOE VARDON – 6/16/15 writer

“It was something that they had to work through. But David, again, to his credit has been great about that in the payoffs. He’s been good about it in his own room, he’s been good about it with us, and he’s taken that away as an issue that can be used against him.”
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MONTE POOLE – 6/17/15
CSN Bay Area Warriors insider

“I just don’t think their offense could have performed at the level they did this year. Mark would have had to make some major changes there. He would have had to bring in basically an offensive coordinator, which is what Steve Kerr did in Alvin Gentry. This is basically Alvin’s offense and Steve being the CEO kind of running things. Mark was kind of resistant to really delegating to that degree. That’s kind of what hurt this team under his watch. They were very good on defense, but their offense was stodgy and really reliant on isolation stuff and this roster isn’t really built for that. Memphis may be built for that, but the Warriors are not.”
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DANA WHITE – 6/17/15
UFC president

“I’m picking the fans win this one with an amazing fight. Conor McGregor has this style where he will go right after you and try to take your head off, and when you fight Jose Aldo like that, you’re going to see the best Jose Aldo ever.”
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Twins third baseman

“There was a lot of guys even before this year that didn’t think that was the best way to do things. When that game starts to mean something – home-field advantage – we thought there might be a better way to do things, and now this is kind of the last straw here.”
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GARY PLAYER – 6/18/15
PGA golfer

“Not even a doubt. Not even a debate. He had perfection. He had the ultimate perfection, and I looked at swings of his whilst he was at his best. It was so good, and his swing has deteriorated to such a degree it’s unbelievable.”
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