GARY PARRISH – 6/22/15
CBS Sports college basketball insider

“I don’t know if those things or a combination of those things have moved folks away form Okafor, but I wouldn’t be moved away from Okafor. I would take him No. 1 and be very, very excited about it.”
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MIKE MINTER – 6/22/15
Former Carolina Panthers safety

“Joe Montana’s No. 1, and I believe (Brady is) 1b. I played all the guys that’s in the league right now that everybody talks about, and Tom Brady, what separates him from a Peyton Manning or anybody else like that, is the fact that he has this mental toughness that you cannot scare him out of the game. From a defensive standpoint, your job is to try to put fear into people. Your job is to try to get them out of their game because you hit them. You’re moving them off their point, you’re coming at them. Tom Brady, you can’t do that with. That’s the diff between him and everybody else. Joe Montana was the same way. When the lights come on, (when) the stage gets bigger, they get better. And that’s the difference.”
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NBA TV analyst

“(He) has said there’s nobody in this draft that (is) single-handedly . . . making you a championship contender in ’15-16. So the Lakers have gone on the record saying they don’t believe there’s a difference-maker today, but we want you to believe there is. That’s a tough sell.”
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PETE GILLEN – 6/24/15
CBS Sports college basketball analyst

“He has trouble guarding the pick-and-roll when a guard comes off there and his man sets the screen. He struggles with that. He’s not a real good defender, and the Lakers were horrible defensively last year. So that’s a problem right now. You got to do a better job with that.”
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Broncos insider

“From a PR standpoint, you can’t trade Peyton Manning away (for) anything really other than a No. 1, even at this point in his career. (He’s a) guy that has put up huge numbers in the three years he’s been here – even last year with 39 touchdowns. He struggled toward the end of the year, and obviously a lot of that was physical with his quad bothering him. But I don’t have any hard evidence that they got far enough along to where a realistic trade scenario ever presented itself.”
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Los Angeles Daily News columnist

“Now there’s probably two open spots or at least one open spot that they need, and it’s all about star power out here, so they’re going to swing for the fences. They always do. Whether Kevin Love wants to leave Cleveland or come to Los Angeles . . . they’re going to make a run at all these guys – at all the top-tier guys – and hope they land one.”
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Sacramento Bee writer

“This is the player that they have stated that they wanted to build around. Now, they’ve got a funny way of showing that by firing the coach that their main player liked the most without consulting with him and just sort of dropping it on all of us on a Sunday night in December just before Christmas. And so to see them tank the rest of the season, Cousins and the entire team went in the tank after that. So now if the new narrative is that Cousins and Karl can’t get along – and there’s certainly some concerning messages that came out this week. For example, when DeMarcus Cousins tweeted the symbol of a snake in the grass – very similar to what other players have tweeted about George Karl – it is a big cause for concern. This is where Vlade Divac will have to earn his money. Along with talent evaluation, (he has to get) people to get along. Because if that doesn’t fly, then it’s going to be another miserable season in Sacramento.”
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