LaMarcus Aldridge isn’t the only free agent being pursued this summer. There’s also Bill Simmons.

It is unknown where the former ESPN columnist and commentator will land, but he will be hotly pursued by the major players in the industry.

Including, wait, CBS Sports Radio?

“He’s joining CBS Sports Radio and taking your show, that’s all I know,” Sports Illustrated sports media writer Richard Deitsch joked on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “I hate to be the bearer of bad news.”

Deitsch, of course, was kidding, and DA is safe.

But what about Simmons? The 45-year-old, Marlborough, Massachusetts, native is one of the most recognizable personalities in sports journalism. He spent more that a decade at ESPN, has authored multiple books, launched Grantland and served as an executive producer for ESPN’s documentary series, “30 for 30.”

What’s next for the Boston-loving Sports Guy?

“That’s a good question,” Deitsch said. “The closest thing in terms of sort of a news break that’s come out about Simmons is that he and his representatives were discussing something with HBO. I believe that to be true in terms of the discussion. I don’t know if they signed anything yet.”

Deitsch, however, doesn’t see the versatile Simmons joining and staying at just one outlet.

“I think he will end up at multiple places,” Deitsch said. “So let’s say he signs with HBO and he has a digital presence there (with) his column. Maybe (he) does some stuff for HBO like ‘30 for 30.’ I would not be surprised if he has an NBA role at a Bleacher Report or a FOX or something like that. My guess is – like somebody like Dan Patrick – I think he will end up being in multiple places, and I think basketball has to be a component for him somewhere. Even though he writes about a lot of stuff, that’s sort of his stock and trade. Without guessing for a specific place, I think he will end up at multiple places and my guess is we’ll probably hear about that by September or October or so.”


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