Former football coaching legend

“He felt welcome in any area of the complex, especially the football office. I welcomed him to come and just sit down anytime. It was his team. He can sit in there and listen to our coaches. That’s all he wanted to do is be a part of it. He paid $140 million to buy the damn thing. You ought to have a right to be a part of it.”
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Sports Illustrated sports media writer

“So let’s say he signs with HBO and he has a digital presence there (with) his column. Maybe (he) does some stuff for HBO like ‘30 for 30.’ I would not be surprised if he has an NBA role at a Bleacher Report or a FOX or something like that. My guess is – like somebody like Dan Patrick – I think he will end up being in multiple places, and I think basketball has to be a component for him somewhere. Even though he writes about a lot of stuff, that’s sort of his stock and trade. Without guessing for a specific place, I think he will end up at multiple places and my guess is we’ll probably hear about that by September or October or so.”
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Spurs insider

“That’s the beauty of the Spurs’ system. Do you ever watch a movie and at the end of the movie you think to yourself, ‘Wow, that’s a fantastic movie because everything fit’? Like the story was great, the action was great, and, oh, by the way, the acting was great. You just could not imagine some other actor having played that part the movie was just perfect. That’s what the Spurs are. Everything is perfect.”
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HOWARD BECK – 7/7/15
Bleacher Report NBA insider

“That said, so what? I mean, it doesn’t matter whether he’s as nice as he looks in the State Farm commercials or not. It doesn’t matter whether he’s a good guy or not. It doesn’t matter whether he’s too hard on his teammates or not. (Michael) Jordan was really hard on his teammates. Kobe, we know, (is) infamously hard on his teammates. What matters is whether you do all the other things right. If DeAndre Jordan didn’t like his interactions with Chris Paul or thought Chris Paul was too harsh or whatever it may be, it’s his prerogative to go. But I don’t know that necessarily should change our beliefs about Chris Paul or if he’s a great player or not or a great leader or not. He wouldn’t be the first star to be really hard on his teammates in this league.”
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Milwaukee’s 105.7 The Fan host

“You know what it is? It’s, in my opinion, the uneducated masses of the media that teaches the negativity. And all we keep using is (the term) ‘taxpayer.’ They don’t understand it’s a bond issue, and I think it’s been horribly, horribly represented in the media in the state of Wisconsin. And I also think this is a byproduct of very uneducated reporters who don’t understand this system, haven’t been in the state long enough to understand the players in this, and they’ve presented it very poorly to the masses.”
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