ACC commissioner John Swofford made headlines Monday, saying the College Football Playoff should include eight teams – not four under the current guidelines.

Is Swofford saying what other commissioners are thinking, or is he more or less alone with that opinion?

“That’s a good question,” Bleacher Report college football lead writer Ben Kercheval said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “I’m not entirely sure it’s one or the other. It might be a little Column A, a little Column B. I’m at Big 12 Media Days, and you got Bob Bowlsby coming out and saying, ‘We like having four.’ You would think of all the conferences, the Big 12 would want to extend it to eight. You would think after being left out last year, you’d think they would be the ones that are like, ‘Let’s add more teams because we want to be able to get in.’”

Apparently not.

Kercheval then laid out his playoff plan, which he thinks would make the college football postseason even better.

“I don’t think this would ever be adopted, but I think this would work perfectly,” he said. “I think you expand the playoff almost like in another vertical column. I think you have an NIT for the College Football Playoff and just basically sprout another four teams. So that way you expand the postseason – which, really, all it’s ever really about is more inventory. It’s just more inventory for ESPN to tag on at the end of the year. And I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that. I think you just go ahead and do that and then what you don’t do is keep prolonging the season. Ohio State and Oregon played 15 games last year. I don’t know if you can keep asking college athletes to do more than that in the current landscape that we have in this sport.”

Under Kercheval’s plan, four teams would be selected to play for the national championship, and four other teams would be selected to play for a secondary championship.

“If anyone is like, ‘Well, that doesn’t mean anything,’ well, that’s kind of what we have right now,” Kercheval said. “All postseason bowl games, championships – it’s not NCAA-related. This is all done on its own. It’s all arbitrary. To say you won the Orange Bowl, that’s not an NCAA championship. It means you’re the Orange Bowl champion. So if you win a college football NIT, you are a college football NIT champion. I’m not saying call it the NIT – that’s the name I kind of default into it – (but) then you’ve won that.

“Everything at the end of the day is a recruiting and a sales pitch to players, recruits, boosters – everything,” Kercheval continued. “‘Hey, this is the accomplishment that we were able to do this year.’ If you’re TCU and you’re on the outside looking in, you can win the Peach bowl or you can go and say, ‘We won this other tournament, and yeah, we probably should have been in the College Football Playoff.’ I think that would be just sort of another avenue to solve what I think is going to be inevitable playoff (issue), but just not doing it in a traditional way.”


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