Bleacher Report college football lead writer

“‘Hey, this is the accomplishment that we were able to do this year.’ If you’re TCU and you’re on the outside looking in, you can win the Peach bowl or you can go and say, ‘We won this other tournament, and yeah, we probably should have been in the College Football Playoff.’ I think that would be just sort of another avenue to solve what I think is going to be inevitable playoff (issue), but just not doing it in a traditional way.”
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AHMAN GREEN – 7/20/15
Former Packers RB

“I would have to say going to Comic-Con. I’m that much of a fan. I know the hard work and dedication, the blood sweat and tears and the pleasure of winning the game. I won a few playoff games and almost came to the Super Bowl a couple times in the playoff runs we had as Packers. But I think experiencing that with my family, we’ll be able to experience it every year and we don’t have to go through a first-round bye; we don’t have to worry about trying to get to the NFC Championship. We just got to buy a plane ticket. I think that experience is going to be No. 1 on my list because I get to experience it every year with my family.”
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MARY KAY CABOT – 7/21/15
Cleveland Plain Dealer Browns writer

“It’s such a hard position. It’s just a difficult thing to do. But he does have all the good measurables. I’ve had people tell me they think he should actually try to play tight end instead of receiver, so we’ll see if the Browns give that a try at any point. But I do think it’s somewhat of a longshot. Having said that, however, you can see (on social media) that he’s working extremely hard with guys like Randy Moss, Plaxico Burress, Antonio Brown, even Josh Gordon to a degree. They share the same agent, Drew Rosenhaus. So I think that he’s working really hard at it. I see him making one-handed catches, he’s running routes, but it’s a lot to learn in a short period of time. Maybe he can be a little bit creative with his role . . . but I don’t know. I just think it’s hard for a quarterback to turn into a receiver.”
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Fox Sports college football insider

“We saw Gus Malzahn say that the SEC-West is so difficult that their teams are going to be worn out by the time they get to the playoff – as if other teams around the country don’t have their own aches and bruises and as if four weeks isn’t enough time to recover from that. It just seems like now that they’ve been knocked off their perch a bit, everybody’s got a different explanation for why they didn’t win last year, aside from just Ohio State was really good.”
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RALPH RUSSO – 7/22/15
AP college football writer

“If you look at schedule and quarterback, it leans toward Auburn. So that’s where I’m leaning.”
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Hot Dog Eating champion

“I saw him and he had the crazy eye. I thought the cops were going to tase him.”
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TIM BRANDO – 7/23/15
FOX Sports 1 college football analyst

“That isn’t to say that the other programs aren’t stepping it up and aren’t good, but I don’t know that the investment at the other institutions in the Big Ten are where they are in the SEC. Millions of dollars have been spent and they’re reinvesting all of that revenue that they get from the SEC Network and other things back into their programs. That’s happening in a lot of the big-time power leagues, and certainly the Big Ten makes its fair share of money, too. But what I’m saying is, the Ohio State story in the Big Ten in terms of the level of athlete being brought in – not just quantity, but quality and quantity that he’s bringing in – is SEC-esque from 15 years ago.”
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NICK WRIGHT – 7/23/15
Houston 610 radio host

“I think that might cost him any chance he had of being a successful head coach for the Texans. Because where do you get the quarterback? Didn’t get him last year. Not going to get him this year. Quarterbacks don’t hit free agency. When you have J.J. Watt and (Jadeveon) Clowney and Johnathan Joseph and Kareem Jackson and Arian Foster, you’re not going to be a three-win team. You’re going to be stuck in that purgatory in perpetuity of six, seven, eight, nine, 10 wins, and you just can’t get your quarterback unless you luck into Russell Wilson.”
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