Nick Bosa, the younger brother of Joey Bosa – and one of the top players in the country in the class of 2016 – committed to Ohio State on Thursday, giving Urban Meyer yet another five-star prospect for what could become the top recruiting class in the nation.

Buckeye fans couldn’t be happier. Neither could Meyer.

Yes, after winning a national championship last season – with a young roster and a third-string quarterback, no less – Meyer is stockpiling talent. Is he reaching potential dynasty status at Ohio State, much like Nick Saban achieved at Alabama?

“Yeah, and he’s going to have more staying power than Saban’s had at Alabama for the sheer fact that the SEC is far more talented up and down its conference than the Big Ten right now,” FOX Sports 1 college football analyst Tim Brando said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “That isn’t to say that the other programs aren’t stepping it up and aren’t good, but I don’t know that the investment at the other institutions in the Big Ten are where they are in the SEC. Millions of dollars have been spent and they’re reinvesting all of that revenue that they get from the SEC Network and other things back into their programs. That’s happening in a lot of the big-time power leagues, and certainly the Big Ten makes its fair share of money, too. But what I’m saying is, the Ohio State story in the Big Ten in terms of the level of athlete being brought in – not just quantity, but quality and quantity that he’s bringing in – is SEC-esque from 15 years ago.

“What’s happened in the Southeastern Conference – and my friend and colleague, Gary Danielson, for many years said this and I now certainly prescribe to it – the cannibalization has already begun (in the SEC),” Brando continued. “I believe that you’re going to have a two-loss champion in the SEC this year and the question will be will a two-loss SEC champion find a spot in the top four over a one-loss champion from one of the other power leagues?”

One of those one-loss teams could be Ohio State, but Brando doesn’t see the Buckeyes losing. They host Michigan State, Penn State and Minnesota, and their toughest road games are at Virginia Tech and at Michigan.

“You look at who they have to play, I just don’t see a loss,” Brando said. “Wisconsin got blown up 59-0 in the championship game. Michigan State is really good – really good – but I don’t know that they can be healthy enough when they get their opportunities to compete with Ohio State. Jerry Kill does a nice job and probably overachieves at Minnesota most of the time. Certainly Jim Harbaugh is in his first year. Maybe he can turn the corner sooner than expected. But right now, it’s Ohio State and then everybody else in the Big Ten. It was never Alabama and then everyone else (in the SEC). I mean, Alabama was very fortunate to win all the championships they did. A lot of things had to happen for them to win the multiple titles that they did. And remember, there were four teams in seven years that won national championships in the BCS era in the SEC. That’ll never happen again with any conference. So yeah, I believe that Urban not only has built a Cadillac, but a Cadillac that’s in for the long haul in the Big Ten.”


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