JEFF PASSAN – 7/27/15
Yahoo! Sports MLB columnist

“I mean, they give wins out to guys who throw one pitch sometimes. So to judge somebody by a statistic that is so misleading is, I think, unfair and there’s so many other better ones out there to look at the true essence of a pitcher and see who he was.”
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LARRY HOLDER – 7/27/15 Saints writer

“It’s just a force of nature. People were saying that about Peyton Manning. People were saying that about Tom Brady last year before he really got hot again. But it’s just going to be part of it now – and if they go 7-9 again, it’s a completely viable question: Is it time to move on past Drew Brees? It’s more than viable.”
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PETE PRISCO – 7/28/15 NFL insider

“One of the most misunderstood players in the NFL. Works hard, teammates love him, coaches like him. I know the Vikings called a couple different teams – they called both Pittsburgh and Miami about him – and got good, rave reviews from all different angles about Mike Wallace. And you know what? His teammates love him.”
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ALAN FANGER – 7/28/15
Boston trial attorney and legal analyst

“He went to the same undergraduate school that I went to, and for him to think that he was actually going to benefit by tossing his phone is just absurd. In the end, the NFL has millions of dollars to invest in this kind of investigation. You’ve got to know when the league is firing on all cylinders and wants your head, the last thing you want to do is conceal or destroy evidence.”
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